CraftyMynes Youtube Series! (Family Tuber)

  1. last year

    Welcome to Family Tuber's CraftyMynes Series!!

    Hey guys! I'm Family Tuber, for those of you who don't know me I've been a Gaming Youtuber for about two years now with Minecraft as the majority of my videos. (At the moment) I've had the pleasure to be a member of this amazing community for about 9 months now and boy have I had the experience! CraftyMynes has been such a great place to just explore, and do all crazy (and goofy) things Vanilla which I won't forget. That's why I want to begin a series here on this epic server! You'll find great exploration and adventure, friendship, factions, battles, goofy chaos, events, creations, and all other things you could expect within survival in this series and CraftyMynes itself. Like my whole channel I like to keep things PG so everyone can experience it. You'll also find the occasional collaboration with people like @NerdieBirdieYT and of course fellow people of the community! There may even be livestreams in the future! ^^

    Episode 1 (Please note there are some spots in the first couple of minutes where there is no commentary. These are slips in the editing.)

  2. In case you were wondering, this is what the thumbnail looks like

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