Rad1gator's Ban Appeal

  1. last year
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    In Game Name: Rad1gator

    Reason For Your Ban: X-Ray

    Why you should be unbanned: I will not deny that I was in some form cheating, but I can say that I did not hack. I was using a form of resource pack that lets me see through walls and such to find ore, chests, etc. I don't have any real reason to persuade you with to tell you I should be banned, but I can at least say that this server is probably one of the best and I know that I was in the wrong to cheat for a full vanilla server, even if it was only a resource pack, I do apologize for cheating. I did not in any way use any ore or items on anyone that I found so all of what I have found will have been useless anyways besides appeal for being the best material.
    Again I apologize and I am ashamed to have cheated on such a wonderful server, I did not expect backlash so soon, but I knew it was coming.
    In all honesty, I'd rather not come back to the server anyways. Seems a little childish, but I think I'd lose all trust through everyone and not have as much fun with the people I enjoy talking to on the server.

    It sure was nice knowing you all. You fine people. Adios.

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    Thank you for admitting that you cheated on the server. It makes this easier.
    Appeal DENIED
    Have fun elsewhere, but thank you for choosing CraftyMynes!

    PS. Cheaters are "children" who are bored in a "childish" game

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