SHOW_ME_7's ban appeal

  1. last year
    Edited last year by SHOW_ME_7

    IGN: SHOW_ME_7
    Banned for: N/A
    Why I Should be Unbanned:
    honestly, idk why i was banned. there were a lot of things i did wrong tonight, but this is mostly because i haven't been on in a while and forgot the "no-spam" rule which normally doesn't apply on other servers. i am sorry and i wont do this once i am unbanned

  2. Hello SHOW_ME_7,

    Mistakes are made and people forget things, but please be mindful of all rules. You were told to stop multiple times by a helper and you ignored his requests and acted defiantly. That should have reminded you of the rule.

    You will be pardoned 24 hours from the time of this response.

    Please review the rules and I look forward to your return.

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