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    Thu May 10 14:21:39 2018
    WBlaine posted in DiggerDigby's Appeal.

    Hi there!

    The honest, genuine appeal is greatly appreciated! However, on this server, we do not pardon any account that was caught cheating. Sorry and best of luck!


  2. 2 weeks ago
    Tue May 8 14:04:16 2018
    WBlaine posted in Word Association.


  3. Thu May 3 22:15:26 2018
    WBlaine posted in Word Association.


  4. Thu May 3 22:14:13 2018
    WBlaine posted in Nightly Twitch Streams.

    Changed the channel to Off-Topic since it isn't Minecraft. I'm not a fortnite fan, but good luck!

  5. Thu May 3 03:19:50 2018
    WBlaine posted in Word Association.


  6. 3 weeks ago
    Mon Apr 30 01:00:06 2018
    WBlaine posted in Word Association.


  7. Mon Apr 30 00:32:38 2018
    WBlaine posted in Server friendly auto farm?.

    @darktyui Yeah the reason is because of all the repeaters and redstone. Basically these things cause lag so some redstoners don’t even use redstone dust and just use powered rails because they cause less lag. I would also say your farms are highly inefficient and that should always be your main concern. I personally would for a melon/pumpkin farm would build ilmangos tower design where the hopper minecart activates the pistons or build on of ilmangos slime block sweeper designs they also work quite well.

    Agreed with the design suggestion. I had two of them at a base and they worked like a charm. Just be a aware that sometimes the mine carts can be buggy and stop or become invisible, blocking any replacement mine carts

  8. 4 weeks ago
    Thu Apr 19 13:51:26 2018
    WBlaine posted in Word Association.

    Noble gas

  9. Thu Apr 19 13:50:23 2018
    WBlaine posted in Word Association.


  10. 5 weeks ago
    Sat Apr 14 16:22:34 2018
    WBlaine posted in Griefers League United.

    @MaggiAusDaKann lmao some of the members are just alts man

    Exactly, everyone knows @2Chill is an alt.

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