My Banishment?

  1. 9 months ago

    I felt I was unfairly banned from the server this evening. I was given no information about the nature of my banning and I was quite upset when I saw I was banned. This must be a mistake. If this had anything to do with me plotting the griefing a users base with another user I was always under the impression that griefing and raiding were allowed on this server. All I would like is an explanation. I do not reacall using profane language towards other users I rarely swore on the server in the first place. I used the words hoe and bish but I do not think the use of those words qualifies me for banishment. If it does and I misread the servers rules I would ask that the mods be forgiving and make it at the very least a temp ban. I had quie a bit of fun on your server and I would very much like to play on it again.

  2. "PapaNeon Action: Ban Player: Gimlet7 Reason: Xray"

    It might've appeared as though the ban came out of nowhere, It took some time to relay my findings to an admin for a second opinion. The second opinion was the same as mine, that you had been xraying, and therefore permanently banned.

    Best of luck elsewhere.

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