Stubblyartist's Ban Appeal

  1. 8 months ago

    In Game Name: StubblyArtist

    Reason for Ban: discussing hitler

    Why should you be unbanned: Was given no prior warning to ban, was partaking in ongoing discussion, comment was non offensive "hitler died in south america in the 70s", was the first and only comment in the discussion, typed out before, but entered after, moderator commented on the illegal nature of the topic.

  2. Thank you for your appeal.

    However i would say that saying you had no warning is to some extent disingenuous. Whilst you had no direct personal warning there were several general ones in chat and it was clear that a number of players were ignoring or stretching the rules to breakng point.

    Two lines in my log before you said about where he died i said no more talk of Hilter. That was to everyone including you. And whilst had what you said been the only thing going on you would have been unlikely to get banned it was a clear and blatant ignoring of a staff instruction when a member of staff was dealing with numerous trolls and a difficult situation.

    In future i recommend that instead of joining with the trolls that you consider complying with staff instructions to leave a topic.

    Your ban will be 24 hours.

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