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  1. 6 days ago
    Tue May 21 18:39:19 2024

    Thank you @CeruleanHusky for your post. I'm back properly now, after the real world got in the way for a while, but Crafty is really busy.

    I personally agree its time to start fresh on discord and if we timed it with the expected update to 1.21 and insisted you actually play on the server to join the discord? Basically the general chat is just drivel, and lots of 'goodbyes' as people leave the server. Quite frankly I would not want the young people in my family who all play minecraft, though mostly not on a public server, to join the discord server as it stands and I think it is quite off-putting.

    As far as vanilla is concerned, yes Craftymynes is technically vanilla, as it uses the unaltered jar file, but with the creature comforts it doesn't really feel vanilla to a lot of people. Changing over to semi vanilla with paper would bring performance improvements, but integrating it with all Craftymynes systems isn't a 5 minute job, and Crafty simply doesn't have time to do it.

    Many people have moved over to bedrock, and java is getting left behind. I don't think there is a simple answer, I'm afraid, but for now we carry on and I will do what I can to help.

  2. 2 months ago
    Tue Mar 26 07:12:43 2024
    Tez1010 posted in Old Dog misses old Friends.

    Me too. Would love to see the old dog back

  3. Tue Mar 26 07:11:04 2024

    A complete refresh of the discord woukd seem likexa good idea to me

  4. 6 months ago
    Thu Nov 9 09:09:21 2023
    Tez1010 posted in Spawn Building Competition.

    I am looking forward to seeing these builds!

  5. 7 months ago
    Thu Oct 5 06:12:59 2023

    New blood is key and as i said before making new players welcome

  6. 8 months ago
    Wed Sep 27 05:29:46 2023

    Most of the old player base quit because they grew up, left school, got jobs and generally got bored with minecraft or just simply dont have time to play.

  7. Sat Sep 23 08:25:46 2023

    Sadly it isn't true that there are 3-4 players on all the time, it is often zero apart from evenings in the US.

    And yes whilst my suggestions do need players to help, I would expect that to be mainly staff.

    As far as vanilla is concerned, it isn't an aesthetic thing, it's a geek thing! Some of us just have that mind set. It also means you can update the day the new version comes out and are not dependent on others. We do get players come on and go oh no homes or tps that's not vanilla and just log straight off. Each to their own.

    Would going semi vanilla help. Well it would probably improve performance and some cheats would be prevented. But there are options out there - semi vanilla and more 'vanilla gameplay' . The semi vanilla I think is most comparable with CM and has been going a similar time has 3 players on at the moment, the same as us and generally has similar nos. As far as I know that has stayed with homes, tps and not much else.

    On charged creepers, we get loads in our mob farm. Simply build a general mob farm and a way to separate out the charged creeper and its target.

    CraftyMynes is Crafty's Mynes and comes with all Crafty's geeky facilities. As for ranks, it costs a fortune to run this server every month and people need the incentive to chip in, the most effective one being extra homes, I don't know a busy server that doesn't have homes and tps apart from no grief, where you can have a smaller map.

    Pardonning cheats is an interesting one. I have often wondered about a 2 year amnesty. Mainly because most cheats are very young and a couple of years makes a big difference. Allowing people back on alts has pros and cons. And yes I agree it favours older/wealthier players. I doubt pardonning historic cheats would bring players back and more likely would upset those that don't cheat.

  8. Fri Sep 22 16:37:01 2023

    I'm with Timmy on this, I like that CraftyMynes is genuinely vanilla. Most of the core players like that it uses the genuine mojang jar.

    We went round this loop maybe 4 years ago. We had a vote and semi vanilla was seriously considered but I think you would lose as many players as you gain.

    There is confusion out there as to what is vanilla. Vanilla is in a way what you make it. Teleports and homes don't make it not vanilla and let's be honest we enjoy those facilities.

    As for why numbers have dropped, its a combination of things. They always do after a few months of a new map, as core bases are built and boredom sets in. This new map we had a massive no of past players return and it was great, but its September now and schools and university term is starting. I also know we lost some players to Baldurs Gate! Mainly though the recent exodus I'm sure is due to the amount of griefing. I remember myself leaving for a month before i could face starting again after my base was griefed, it is hard to get motivated to start again.

    Getting new people to join is mainly down to three things - votes, critical mass and welcoming. People come on the server because of the first two. They stay when they feel welcome and make friends.

    So how
    to get more votes. Personally, I would love to get rid of phantoms for votes! Rewarding top voters?

    Critical mass - players don't join if they see 0 players on the server. They may as well play sp. They start to join if they see 3 or 4. Maybe some of the staff and loyal players can watch for the numbers being low and join even if they are mainly afk or just for a few minutes.

    Welcome. Making sure to say hello and help new players. Taking time to chat to people. Everyone can help with this. You can also invite your friends.

    Crafty is very kind in keeping this server going. I am sure he subsidizes it hugely. And whilst he may not be obviously visible to you all I can assure you he is available when needed and does take everyone's suggestions seriously.

  9. Mon Sep 18 08:18:40 2023

    Brilliant as ever Rillo, I expected no less! Fantastic build.

  10. Sat Sep 16 11:59:01 2023
    Tez1010 posted in A handful of mod suggestions.

    I was asked about Continuity and PresenceFootsteps.
    Continuity sounds like it is purely aesthetic.

    Are these allowed

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