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  1. 6 months ago
    Sun Dec 12 18:05:07 2021
    Tez1010 posted in HamletJ‘s ban appeal.

    Sorry but bans for cheating are permanent.

  2. last year
    Tue Oct 20 09:02:34 2020
    Tez1010 posted in littleblueflame ban appeal.

    You have been pardoned. Should all be sorted. Let us know if there are further issues.

  3. Sun Aug 9 07:55:59 2020
    Tez1010 posted in Instant Ban.

    That should be fine - I often log in from my parents with no issue. Crafty's system detects VPNs

  4. 2 years ago
    Mon Jun 22 14:45:31 2020
    Tez1010 posted in ban appeal.

    Can you put your appeal in the right format in the ban appeal channel.
    Ban appeal template.

  5. Sat Jun 20 09:56:11 2020
    Tez1010 posted in Confused on entity limits.

    Can I make some general comments on entities.

    They fall into two camps. Those which are player related and those spawned naturally. If everyone keeps their player related ones down below 100 and light the caves around their bases it really helps.

    Players are often not aware of what are entities and some indeed are not obvious.

    The player related ones are villagers, livestock, item frames, paintings, armour stands, minecarts, boats, loose items, and xp orbs. So for instance if you have 50 villagers sitting around in minecarts, or a ten by ten map you have eaten up your allowance.

    So I'm afraid you need to choose which you want. It helps if you spread those afk farm apart from each other. By all means breed a load of cows but make sure to cull them and not leave them chewing the cud. Catch those chicken eggs in hoppers. Keep auto farms to sensible sizes. If your grinder is super fast and furious, don't afk there, keep those mobs down and make sure you have auto disposal for the vast numbers of pearls end grinders generate.

    For the natural spawns, please light the caves around you. Admins will help with this if necessary. If you don't want it lit to stay hidden, then keep the player related ones down well below 100.

    Hope this helps.


  6. Thu May 28 06:27:22 2020
    Tez1010 posted in Flexecution!!!.

    @ryanandrew123 well done! What texture pack are you using - that makes the final hall look fantastic

  7. Fri May 15 19:11:49 2020
    Tez1010 posted in Louis_Vuitton8 Ban Appeal.

    After some discussion with the other admins it has been concluded that your ban should be permanent.

    I quote you from your last three bans:

    "Why should you be unbanned: I am extremely sorry for language that is deemed inappropriate. It will not happen again. I am aware that I have had warnings from staff about other words. But I am very sorry sometimes when I'm provoked I respond in a rude manner I am very sorry for that.
    It will not happen again.

    Why should you be unbanned: I was bored and for no good reason copied what this dude said it was a random string of numbers and the word "bepis" So I copied it and messaged it in the chat. I had no idea I would be banned. It was truly an accident I had no warning. Please forgive me I did not know the server bans for long string of numbers
    I hope I can Be unbanned thanks and return to the best server in all of Minecraft

    Why should you be unbanned: I am extremely sorry for using too many Caps in my sentence. I was just trying to get some donations for one of the fellow player friends who was recently raided and lost everything. If you unban me I promise that I will not happen again. I mean never. Gone are the days when I use caps to draw attention to an issue. Please I did not mean any harm whatsoever. I truly am sorry. I will abide by the rules.

    I love your ban appeals but unfortunately you don't seem to abide by your promises and being bored is no excuse for bad behaviour. Sorry Louis but times up.

  8. Thu May 14 07:44:18 2020

    I remember Quartz_King. Didn't really know him but I remember his base, which was appropriately full of quartz! Tis the one and only raid I was ever involved in at the end of some fun interactions with him. I think your name seems vaguely familiar too. Sorry to hear that is no longer with us.

  9. Thu Apr 30 09:42:08 2020
    Tez1010 posted in Caw?.


  10. Fri Apr 24 18:29:03 2020
    Tez1010 posted in Admins help.

    I quote "if admins are clearing out huge areas for ppl they might as well start tping ppl far out in the world and giving them items" :D - I wonder who said that....

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