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  1. 2 years ago
    Sun Apr 12 19:58:09 2020
    Tez1010 posted in ban appeal.

    You wont. You were duping.

  2. Thu Mar 26 08:18:55 2020
    Tez1010 posted in BlueAce56's Staff Application.

    Thanks for your application

  3. Thu Feb 27 15:27:15 2020
    Tez1010 posted in RubenKnijn's Ban appeal.

    As discussed with you, your so called "jokes" were mistaken for threats. You will remain banned for 1 day for making staff job unnecessarily difficult.


  4. Tue Feb 18 19:15:23 2020
    Tez1010 posted in New Word Association.


  5. Fri Feb 14 07:34:17 2020

    Believe it or not it was in 2015! So over 4 years.

    We are prepared to pardon, but you will need to change your name to play on Craftymynes.

  6. Wed Feb 12 17:40:45 2020
    Tez1010 posted in New Word Association.


  7. Sat Feb 8 07:34:23 2020
    Tez1010 posted in AurangzebAlamgir's ban appeal.

    You will stay banned until you show clearly that you understand the rules. Racism and hate speech is not tolerated on the server whether that be in chat, signs, or builds.

  8. Sat Feb 1 21:12:46 2020
    Tez1010 posted in New Word Association.


  9. Fri Jan 31 19:49:57 2020
    Tez1010 started the conversation TP Abuse.

    It has come to our attention that players have been using an unintended feature of the tp system to find player bases. It has been discussed and decided, that though this may seem a reasonable scam at first glance, it constitutes an abuse of the tp system. Going forward this will be bannable as would any other unintended use of any feature on Craftymynes.

  10. Mon Dec 23 18:42:31 2019
    Tez1010 posted in Ping command? Suggestion .

    You can see you ping before you enter the server by simply rolling your mouse over the internet connection symbol to the right of the number of players and the no of bars to the right of the player names in the tab list is a good indication of your connection quality.

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