AttackTeam's Staff Application

  1. 8 months ago

    In Game Name: AttackTeam

    Age: Sixteen Years Old

    Ticks: 46284117 (as of time of application) + Additional time on previous map approx. 10 mil

    Time Zone: PST (US West Coast)

    Strengths: Can do most mundane tasks ex. clearing blocks, refurbishing landscape, decent sense of what's appropriate for chat, can help newer players through the ropes, and basics of the game if they are new to Minecraft as a whole. Also can answer a good number of server related questions if people are wondering about a certain mechanic (tpa system, warps, etc.), also can refer people to the appropriate server related links, mostly active on the weekends at most hours, occasionally in the afternoons on weekdays between 4PM to 10PM. I can usually give ideas to help with workarounds to a problem.

    Weakness: Somewhat argumentative and absent minded at times, occasionally hotheaded when someone really upsets me or insults me, but I do not usually take insults too personally. Also can be blunt at times. Not much redstone knowledge, mediocre pvp skills.

    Reasons for applying for staff: I love this server, it's probably the server I've frequented the most in the few years I've been playing Minecraft multiplayer. It is also probably one of the greatest server communities I have seen or heard of at all, and I would love to give back to this community after all the time I've been playing on it. I've met a lot of great people with a common interest of the game, and I would like to help newer people enjoy this game as well. I'd also like to help out improving this community and helping ensuring its prosperity.

    Additional Info: Access to alternate account, decent photographer, (in game and irl)

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