lotmoshr's Ban Appeal

  1. 7 months ago


    11 Sep 2018

    lotmoshr's Ban Appeal

    In Game Name:


    Reason for your ban:

    I joined this server yesterday, and when a Helper came on I said something along the lines of,
    "Hello mr Helper man
    I am x raying

    In a PM, said Helper warned me not to joke about x raying here, so I didn't say it again. I went AFK for about an hour immediately afterwards, because a friend called, and then logged out.
    Today I try to join and I'm banned for "Admitted to x ray". I'm not sure why I was banned hours after being warned, when I didn't continue breaking any rules. So here I am with my ban appeal.

    Why should you be unbanned:

    I really was joking, wasn't x raying. I don't see in the rules where it says joking about it is bannable, and there's no possible proof of me doing it, because I wasn't. Look at the "mine" I had started (which is just a straight diagonal hole maybe 10 blocks down), as well as my complete lack of any diamonds or a lot of iron, etc. When I joined I asked if y'all have land claim, stating that I think land claim is stupid and takes away the challenge-so if that's my mentality why would I x ray? That ruins the fun too.

    Sorry mr staff mans, Fireball makes me think I'm funny. Won't happen again. pls unban, look at all the time I took to format this, you can tell I care.

  2. Looking at mines doesn't do anything. We take hacking/cheating very seriously and joking about hacking isn't funny nor original, please do not do this again.


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