bgmg's Staff Application

  1. last year
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    In Game Name: bgmg

    Age: 19 (near 20)

    Time Zone: GMT + 2 (Paris)

    Strengths: I am a student in engineering, curious, helping, and brings people together. Example : community project completed today (12/09/2018) bringing over a dozen players to build a community project right in front of spawn for everyone to enjoy, whilst respecting the rules and playing peacefully together.

    Weaknesses: Curiosity sometimes leads me to places i shoudnt be (this is a metaphore no dangerous things implied). I can speak English quite well but spelling is not my forte (yet) even though i speak english all year thanks to international studies thus improving my spelling every day.

    Why you are Applying: 2Chill told me to try and I feel like getting involved into CraftyMyne's well-being is something i am looking forward to.

    Time Played on CraftyMynes (ticks): as of today : 20 000 000 (edited) + random numbers (not including last seasons)

    Custom Note (optional): *applying for helper* ; im going to Canada next year for studies, maybe i can meet some of you around ?

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