AlexirYo's ban appeal

  1. 6 months ago
    Edited 6 months ago by AlexirYo

    Username: AlexirYo
    Reason for ban: I was too political and was a jerk to staff
    Why I should be unbanned: I am generally a very optimistic person, everytime I join the server, I bring a positive vibe and try to lighten other's days up. Just one thing I'm very passionate about is my country, the great US of A. I express this without demeaning others or offending others, and only doing so when others bring it up for the most part. But I do realize that politics are too much for a game like Minecraft, so realizing my mistake, I will discontinue my display of patriotism on this server. Also, although I can get offended when the staff try to silence me when talking of America, now that I will stop talking about America, I will have no reason to be angry and mean to them. And even if I do somehow get annoyed by the brilliant staff, I will still keep my cool and be nice to them. To summarize, I am sorry for thinking I am above the rules, and I will refrain from bringing up politics (and all other banned topics) in the future, and will treat the staff with my utmost respect from now om. I hope you consider unbanning me, I love the server and the people on it, and have dedicated too much to want to leave. Thank you.

  2. Hello. I'm the mod who banned you.

    You've received many warnings over the past few days, more than enough to understand that your behavior is not tolerated here. Besides your language, you were incredibly rude to the staff here.

    Quite frankly, this appeal doesn't feel genuine and it feels like you're still trying to belittle anyone with the tag of "staff".

    You'll be unbanned in 3 days, freshen up on the rules and we'll see you then.

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