Sebyo's Ban Appeal

  1. 6 months ago

    in game name: Sebyo

    hello admins and mods,
    sorry for being mean and chating capitalize letters. i promise il obey rules in this server
    can you please let me play in the server again?

    By Sebyo.

  2. Hi Sebyo

    It was me that banned you. Just to clarify you weren't banned for Caps or spam. It was for disobeying my polite request that you use the English language and for being rude to other players and to me. Also another member of staff was telling me that you had been being rude to people half an hour earlier.

    This is not your normal behaviour on the server so i was quite surprised by this. I will pardon you now as you have been off the server for a couple of weeks. Please read the rules.

    See you on the server.

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