Koolaidjammers ban appeal

  1. 6 months ago

    Koolaidjammers Ban Appeal

    In Game Name: koolaidjammers

    Reason for your ban: using x-ray mod

    Why should you be unbanned: My friends and I recently joined this server and I wanted to get ahead of them. Not thinking of the consequences of my actions, I downloaded X-Ray mod to get ahead of my friends in the game. I made a mistake and after being banned I regret my decision of doing so. I hope I can continue to play on this server with my friends without the use of mods in the future.

  2. Hi Koolaidjammers,

    The honest appeal is greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, CraftyMynes has a strict policy when it comes to cheating and, so, all players caught hacking are permanently banned from the server. Appeal denied. I am sorry you can't play with your friends on this server!

    Best of luck,

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