ballroc's ban appeal

  1. 6 months ago

    In Game Name: ballroc

    Reason for your ban: I was banned way back in January (I think). Originally it was for an XRay. I had never used one before and made the dumb mistake of seeing what it was on a public server - one I actually did enjoy playing on.

    Why should you be unbanned: Technically by the rules I probably can't. I was told by a mod long ago (don't recall which though) that if enough time passed I might be able to get a little mercy and get an unban, so I figure it is worth a shot. Honestly of all the server I had played around on this was the one I enjoyed most. I never really managed to find a server that I enjoyed since then. I stopped playing MC for a few months, and recently started back into it. Similar situation - there are good servers out there, but the craftymynes server has still been pretty much the top one I've played on, and I'm hoping to get back in to it.

    I would be grateful if I received a pardon. I appreciate the opportunity to make the appeal. Lesson was learned a long time ago. I have opted to not make a second appeal until now as I respect what it is you guys are doing. If I receive a pardon - cool. If I do not - cool. Either way - happy holidays to you all.

  2. I'm the mod that banned you back then, unfortunately cheating is a permanent ban here.

    Best of luck on other servers, and happy holidays.

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