1. 6 months ago

    @CraftyMyner When a player changes their username and joins the server, the join message is "newname (formerly oldname) has joined the server". If you can get this to show up, then why cant you bind the ranks and homes to the new username, rather than losing all warps?
    Cheers, Phoenix :)

  2. It’s built into the game but doesn’t always go off. The process to convert the entire CraftyMynes system to be UUID compliant is a massive undertaking. That being said, I have been working towards a future where everything is based off uuids. It started with verifying players to their accounts on the forums, then I created my own username resolving service to bypass mojangs rate limits. I am currently working on binding homes to uuids but there is still much to do. Bans are all recorded in the system by username, every rank is by username. I am just one guy, I try my best to get it done but it is a huge task.

    Hopefully I will have something for making private TP requests soon which will also involve making homes based off uuids.

  3. Ok, that makes sense. Also wow, well done on the work you're doing on the uuid stuff! Big changes can often be hard to make. :-)

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