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  1. yesterday
    Mon Feb 17 05:54:19 2020
    CraftyMyner posted in New Owner .

    Proxeria is my GF

  2. 2 weeks ago
    Fri Jan 31 21:40:35 2020
    CraftyMyner posted in The old plugin/vanilla topic.

    The plan was to switch but I work 24/7 and just don’t have the time or resources to make such a large change. There’s a lot more to think about than just changing the jar file.

  3. 5 weeks ago
    Sun Jan 12 04:02:45 2020

    Restart your client?

  4. 8 weeks ago
    Tue Dec 24 03:00:48 2019
    CraftyMyner posted in Ping command? Suggestion .

    This is not possible in vanilla without a proxy, however, I could make something on the forum that will show your ping to the main server.

    I removed the .tps command because new players just don’t understand that vanilla can’t run at 20tps all the time, they see 18tps and freak but in reality that is a good day.

  5. 2 months ago
    Sat Dec 14 09:05:42 2019
    CraftyMyner posted in Random Ban on Supermax0626.

    You have been pardoned

  6. Wed Dec 11 03:08:13 2019
    CraftyMyner posted in 1.15?.

    We will be upgrading tonight at the next restart.

  7. Tue Dec 10 02:44:09 2019
    CraftyMyner posted in OwlMinerva's Ban Appeal.

    Are you on a school or public network?

  8. Mon Dec 9 02:53:21 2019
    CraftyMyner posted in IdealUsername's Ban Appeal.

    Without pulling up the logs, you had been advertising another server. I remember this because I copy-pasted your spelling of "advertision" as your ban appeal.

    As it has been so long, you have been unbanned. Welcome Back!

  9. 3 months ago
    Tue Nov 12 22:58:01 2019
    CraftyMyner posted in Top voters wall.

    I was also going to have leader boards on the forum for many different objectives with the ability to receive tags for completing certain tasks/goals.

  10. Tue Nov 12 22:57:08 2019
    CraftyMyner posted in Top voters wall.

    That was the orignal idea, have walls on all 4 corners of the spawn area, each with their own goal/objective. I just haven't had the time to implement stuff like this, too much real life work and not enough spare time.

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