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  1. yesterday
    Sat Jan 20 20:26:42 2018

    I can't control the resetting of the external sites so I have matched our reset to the first vote link on MCSL, this allows you to make a schedule. Voting is not just about getting a crate or items but helping the server.

    Just for the record, we have given over 150 crates out since the last reset.

  2. 2 days ago
    Sat Jan 20 08:08:06 2018

    I took a look at the logs, it doesn't show a vote streak:

    01 03:47:27
    02 01:17:56
    03 06:08:29
    05 05:16:09
    08 09:22:50
    08 23:15:03
    09 04:53:39
    09 23:02:05
    11 01:07:51
    12 04:16:17
    13 05:37:58
    14 01:36:24
    15 06:49:36
    17 18:55:01
    19 17:46:34

    Votes reset at 00:00 CEST and if you vote right after and then 23 hours after, that doesn't count as 2 votes.

  3. Sat Jan 20 03:51:16 2018

    It's fixed now, you shouldn't have any issues anymore.

  4. Sat Jan 20 03:50:21 2018
    CraftyMyner posted in Inventory during IGN change.

    You will not have any issues, with inventory anymore, even your armor will be fine.

  5. 4 days ago
    Thu Jan 18 05:00:52 2018

    @Stone__Warrior @CraftyMyner You should try to fix this! :)

    Here's a way you could do it:
    You could add a filter to the server panel to detect messages (regex form): \w+ [(]formerly known as \w+[)] joined the game. I'm not sure yet how to use regex capturing groups, but you probably know how to do that. Then you can code it to run an automated command that will disable the server tagging the specified player as new via /scoreboard or something.

    This won't really work as a new player is handled by commands faster than the panel could cancel it. Also, players aren't tagged as new, its just finding players not on a team.

    @Urid Or it could just be a /give command that gives you armor instead of replacing what you are already wearing...

    I like the idea of putting it in their inv, save them a step. It was on my list of things to fix, just set it to not replace slots that have something already.

  6. last week
    Sun Jan 14 02:52:05 2018

    @Mike_Nelsen Great idea starting this thread, I really enjoyed reading through it. My 2 cents you ask? If you insist. I used to be in the navy, I was a radar technician for something called the AEGIS AN/SPY-1B(V) radar system on a cruiser ( a type of ship). Now I'm a high school paraeducator (SpEd). I got my associates in electronic maintenance, and now I'm working on becoming a teacher.

    This sounds like a hell of a cool job, I work with quite small radars. (Up to about 8ft open array) I could imagine you would be working with quite a bit more power.

    @LillieMC I work in cybersecurity. I basically protect companies from other hackers that try to steal the information. I enjoy studying astronomy and physics. I love reading and writing and photography as well. I want to get into military type cybersecurity where I would protect the USA systems from hackers from other countries.

    I always wanted to get into security and infrastructure management systems.

  7. Fri Jan 12 14:53:13 2018
    CraftyMyner posted in Trade post eating items? .

    I have been fixing everything and I was pretty sure it was fixed, I think what you might be seeing is that the left side spawns the items one block behind you?

  8. 3 weeks ago
    Mon Jan 1 01:25:50 2018
    CraftyMyner posted in Thats Right I am Number 1.

    @TimeKing297 it records how much someone has played, without afk points. but number one, thats amazing :D

    @TimeKing297 basically meaning, if you were not doing any thing like standing afk or do the same motion over and over again for more than around 5 - 10 mins i would not count towards the time.

    @TimeKing297 also how many kills, blocks placed, time on other servers, time talking in chat, counts towards it.

    What are you talking about, this site only records time online, so if someone were to afk a lot, they would be at the top of this list. It doesn't check if someone is actually playing the game.

  9. Mon Jan 1 01:22:47 2018
    CraftyMyner posted in Nerdnation: General.

    Yeah, we don't allow anyone to insert their own html code into the forum.

  10. 4 weeks ago
    Sun Dec 24 21:53:04 2017
    CraftyMyner posted in CraftyMynes Subreddit.

    Nerdie created this subreddit. I told him that if there is going to be a social media account using the CraftyMynes brand or name, it should be managed and owned by the CraftyMynes staff team. I updated the links list with other staff channels.

    All that being said, if you want to be a nice person and help the server/community go ahead and contact me. If not, don't go complaining that someone else got "special treatment".

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