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  1. 3 days ago
    Sun May 19 19:18:15 2019
    CraftyMyner posted in account verification.

    @CountPWNzorf Is the server down? talking about

    Sorry about that, it should be updated now.

  2. 6 days ago
    Thu May 16 23:28:46 2019
    CraftyMyner posted in Hypnotic_Cupcakes Ban Appeal.

    My spidey senses tell me that you knew what you were doing...

    [2019-04-21 01:33:00]: <Hypnotic_Cupcake> connecting my ass
    [2019-04-21 16:06:41]: <Hypnotic_Cupcake> connectineg my ass
    [2019-04-22 01:40:09]: <Hypnotic_Cupcake> niger
    [2019-04-22 01:41:14]: <Hypnotic_Cupcake> bigger
    [2019-04-22 01:41:34]: <Hypnotic_Cupcake> whats up my bigger

    You will be unbanned in 3 days, please take this time to adjust your eyeglasses and have a closer look at our rules.

  3. last week
    Wed May 15 21:16:12 2019
    CraftyMyner posted in 1 minutes.

    Nah mate, I’ll leave it like that just to piss everyone off. Lol, thanks, I will change it.

  4. Tue May 14 17:31:18 2019
    CraftyMyner posted in 1.14.1 Entity Bug!!!.

    @iwarriiori Peaceful mode is sounding pretty good right about now.

    This would also kill any pets people have.

    Might be interesting to have a peaceful server for a bit.

  5. Tue May 14 07:15:02 2019
    CraftyMyner posted in 1.14.1 Entity Bug!!!.

    Kinda difficult, most ways to combat it will also cause lag. Right now we are killing cod in spawn and tracking entities around players. Working on something to maybe take care of this automatically.

  6. Tue May 14 05:55:01 2019
    CraftyMyner started the conversation 1.14.1 Entity Bug!!!.

    Due to a bug in Minecraft 1.14.1, players can find themselves with 100's to 1000's of entities. Please vote for the issue on Mojang's bug tracker:

    NOTE: You will need to make an account to vote.

  7. Mon May 13 16:16:09 2019
    CraftyMyner posted in 1.14.1.

    I updated as soon as I woke up, this would have been 4 in the morning for me.

  8. Sun May 12 22:06:32 2019
    CraftyMyner posted in Ban boats until the 1.14.1 update.

    @Pwnanite Not trying to be an instigator but I find it worth mentioning its still crashing and lagging at the same apparent rates since.
    Ive spent a total of 20 minutes this morning trying to farm my 12 pumpkins lol then the server crashed twice in 5 minutes.
    Just sayin, I dont think its the boats.
    Its the whole package in 1.14 lol

    Yes, it has to do with chunk loading in general. However, we can't ban that so the least we can do is slow it down a bit.

  9. Sat May 11 04:34:42 2019
    CraftyMyner posted in Ban boats until the 1.14.1 update.

    Likely would only be a short time before 1.14.1 or 1.14.2 comes around to fix it anyways.

  10. Sat May 11 04:34:00 2019
    CraftyMyner posted in Ban boats until the 1.14.1 update.


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