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  1. 4 days ago
    Tue Sep 10 22:51:49 2019
    CraftyMyner posted in VIP+ Upgrade.

    It should kick you with the code as the kick message.

  2. Tue Sep 10 09:00:46 2019
    CraftyMyner posted in VIP+ Upgrade.

    ... Too much to say. Short version is that your forum name will not change unless I change it or you have verified your account. Verified accounts will automatically change your name on the forum when you change it in game. I have changed your name but you should verify your account anyways. There should be a link on the home page to verify it. Now that your name is correct, your VIP+ upgrade should go to the correct account. As was also said you can always gift VIP so your can force the name it uses or click logout on the store page.

  3. 6 days ago
    Sun Sep 8 19:12:57 2019
    CraftyMyner posted in Sunflower things?.

    They were the physical item for CraftyCoins, we now use a server-based balance called CraftyCredits.

  4. Sun Sep 8 19:10:31 2019
    CraftyMyner posted in UTBeefies Ban Appeal.

    Your email used for the "UTBeefies" account has a count of 255 used for forum spam. Using based emails like you did on your "beef" account is an instant auto suspend. None of your IP's were considered spam/fraud. Your MC account has been unbanned and Forum account unsuspended. I have deleted the other ones. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  5. last week
    Sat Sep 7 15:10:48 2019
    CraftyMyner posted in _Positron98_'s Ban Appeal.

    You should be unbanned...

  6. Sat Sep 7 15:07:25 2019
    CraftyMyner posted in Falsely banned 2..

    Please try again...

  7. Sat Sep 7 05:52:24 2019
    CraftyMyner started the conversation Im Sorry :(.

    Just want to say sorry to all our dedicated players who got caught up in the chaos. We had a spammer using bots with very dynamic IP addresses which required me to turn up the threshold on our VPN/Fraudulent IP check. A few players got falsely identified and got banned. We also adjusted the chat filter to be a bit more sensitive causing a few other players to be banned as well. We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused. Big thanks to the staff and everyone who persevered during these hard times!

  8. Sat Sep 7 05:45:19 2019
    CraftyMyner posted in VIP653's False ban appeal .

    You have been unbanned, the server was banning players who put random numbers at the end of their messages in an attempt to evade the chat filter.

  9. Sat Sep 7 05:00:44 2019
    CraftyMyner posted in Autoban.

    Sorry, you have been unbanned.

  10. Sat Sep 7 04:50:30 2019
    CraftyMyner posted in RuthlessPilot - False Ban appeal.

    Hello, as you may have seen, we were getting quite a few bots from this spammer. To stop him, I had turned up our VPN/Proxy detection threshold. Your IP was detected as VPN and had a fraud score of 75, both of which triggered the auto-ban system. I can't tell you what you have done to get a fraud rating as it is beyond my control. I have lowered the threshold a bit and pardoned you. Sorry for the trouble.

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