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  1. 2 weeks ago
    Mon Oct 12 07:16:26 2020
    CraftyMyner started the conversation CraftyMynes 6th Birthday Sale - 25% Off Everything.

    6 years ago, I thought to myself, wouldn't it be nice to have my own server with a few friends to play with. I went to the first link on google and bought a 256MB ram server from BuyGamingServers. For the first month, we had a couple of reoccurring players that brought life to the server but nothing very big. I worked hard to make my own home system that used a slow red stone clock and command blocks. It was so bad that even a small amount of lag would cause the clock to freeze and the whole thing to stop working. Over the next month, player counts increased as I added more features to the server like TPA and the trading post. Month 3 came around and now we were on the first page seeing up to 15 players online concurrently.

    I thought it was time to upgrade the server, I bought 2gb of ram but nothing happened, I tried to reach support but no answer, further investigation into the owner of the hosting company showed he had gone to jail for fraud. The fate CraftyMynes hung in the balance, with less than $50 in donations I grabbed all the server files and moved them to a dedicated host with 32gb ram and high-performance CPU. It was a scary time, I was still in high school with not a lot of money to throw around.

    With this new hardware, the server ran so well. Players started to come in droves, by month 5 we had 4 tab lists full and still no lag. More and more features were added while critical systems were upgraded to handle the increased demand. By this time we had key contributors who were able to financially support the high cost of the hardware. Less than a year into the creation of the server we saw the next big upgrade, top of the line, highly overclocked 4770k with 64gb of ram and high-speed storage. The server was like butter, 88 players no lag.

    Then came the wrath of mojank and feature creep. Each release we saw huge reductions in performance along with critical bugs causing players to be kicked out of the game for hours with no way to log back in. After much testing I found the problem to be heavily impacted by MCMyAdmin, it was time to make my own panel. It started out as a small test but has now become an absolutely integral part of the server. It now runs the TPA, homes, particles and heads, chat filter, server AI, backups, and much much more.

    We now run the best hardware money can buy and have the best panel built explicitly for the server. We have many great staff and players of all ages. It's so amazing to see everyone together even when we are so far apart.

    I would like to thank all the staff who have been with me from the start, and the ones who are with us now, CraftyMynes would not exist without you. To all the donators, your contributions have let us continue to use the best hardware that money can buy. Last but not least, too all the players that have been here from day one or just joined, voted 1000's of times or just once, each one of you has helped us become the best vanilla server 6 years in a row.

    To celebrate 6 years of your support I would like to give back, from now till the end of the month everything will be 25% off. I hope that anyone who has not been able to donate due to these hard times can get a chance. Thanks again to everyone, your support humbles me, here's to another year of CraftyMynes

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    Sat Sep 12 22:09:46 2020
    CraftyMyner posted in Voting problems.

    All of the sites have pretty aggressive ad's/trackers and captcha security. Just load up any of these pages without an adblock and look in the network tab, its insane. Sadly I am not able to get around a lot of this so for now I have moved the "Site not working?" link to the top of the page and swapped "MCSL" and "Minecraft-MP".

    Currently, each vote site is broken for its own reason. MCSL has a tracker that is trying to access outside of the iframe it's in causing it to fail when submitting votes, Minecraft-MP sometimes thinks you are a robot and blocks iFrame usage, MinecraftServers has that very annoying captcha and TopG just isn't that popular.

    I tried to make it convenient to go to one page and have all the sites but as the internet gets more protective about stuff like embedding pages it has been a non-stop battle. Hopefully, this can tied yall over for a bit while I figure out a better solution.

    I think there is a post ingame about a bonus reward for getting all the links?

  3. 2 months ago
    Sun Aug 9 19:09:15 2020
    CraftyMyner posted in Instant Ban.

    @SeverusSn1pe He might be part of a botnet lol

    Very possible.

  4. Sun Aug 9 08:00:02 2020
    CraftyMyner posted in Instant Ban.

    Our systems use a few different services to detect if you are using a VPN or if your IP is known for malicious activity. Your IP returned 82% on the fraud index and anything over 80% is considered high risk and banned. You have been added to the whitelist so it should not ban you again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    P.S. I don't know why the service returns 82 for your IP's fraud score...

  5. Mon Aug 3 07:58:49 2020
    CraftyMyner posted in Crafty Crate.

    It has been released!!

  6. Sun Aug 2 22:39:51 2020
    CraftyMyner posted in Crafty Crate.

    @ImKopi Is there a way to see when the crafty crate will be sent to you? Renewed VIP+ status early by mistake, and was told I'd have the box in August since I got the one for July, but still don't have anything.

    If you go to your profile it should tell you how many crates you have left and when you expire. You will be notified in-game when there is a new crate available and your crates number will decrement by one.

    Expiry: Sep 9, 2020, 8:49 pm
    Crates: 1

    We custom design each crate every month so sometimes they are not ready right at the beginning of the month. Rest assured, the system keeps track of your crates and will keep it synced even if you donate multiple times before the crates are given out.

  7. Wed Jul 29 09:56:24 2020
    CraftyMyner posted in VIP rank and homes.

    If you do ".homes" or "/trigger homes" it will explain the cost structure, tell you what's locked and how much each home costs.

  8. 3 months ago
    Sun Jul 26 03:49:35 2020

    @Unconstrained I have the Inspiron 5500 ( ), and I'm not seeing too much of an increase.

    Any idea why? @deyahruhd

    Integrated GPU or no OpenGL 4.5 support?

  9. Thu Jul 23 20:29:23 2020

    Yes, added to the list. (You can find the list in the Rules or FAQ)

  10. Thu Jul 23 04:28:54 2020

    Added to the allowed list.

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