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  1. last week
    Mon Apr 9 23:43:50 2018
    CraftyMyner posted in Missing Teleport.


  2. 2 weeks ago
    Fri Apr 6 00:38:57 2018

    Thank you, I fixed all the links!

  3. Sun Apr 1 17:11:58 2018
    CraftyMyner posted in PaladinSloth's appeal.
    Send Rate -----------------> [2018-03-30 23:21:23] <PaladinSloth> I'm from planet minecraft!
    Send Rate (Kicked) --------> [2018-03-30 23:21:26] <PaladinSloth> will it ban me..
    Caps/Characters -----------> [2018-03-30 23:22:07] <PaladinSloth> like 100%?
    Caps/Characters -----------> [2018-03-30 23:23:59] <PaladinSloth> I Forget
    Language (Banned) ---------> [2018-03-30 23:24:28] <PaladinSloth> is niggers allowed?

    Looks like you were trying to get yourself banned, you should be a bit more careful in the future. You will be unbanned in 3 days, please take this time to read the rules.

  4. 3 weeks ago
    Fri Mar 30 06:40:05 2018
    CraftyMyner posted in Wylieguy Ban appeal.

    It was a miss click on the part of the moderator that banned you, you have been unbanned!

    Sorry for the confusion.

  5. Thu Mar 29 15:49:55 2018
    CraftyMyner posted in The Selfie Thread!!.

    I have the same color pants as you!!!

    Looking good!

  6. Tue Mar 27 00:35:51 2018
    CraftyMyner posted in Diobrando_x's ban appeal .

    Hacking is a serious and permanently bannable offense, please exercise more caution in the future.

    You have been unbanned.

  7. Mon Mar 26 02:31:54 2018
    CraftyMyner posted in Vote Streaks and Graveyard Shifts.

    I was trying to think of a better way to do it but the issue with using a 24 hour system is that I have no way, unlike the vote sites, to warn them that their time hasn't been yet. I might try to get a lookup on the vote site maybe, so when you go to vote it will tell you if you have voted yet.

  8. Sun Mar 25 02:14:39 2018
    CraftyMyner posted in Vote Streaks and Graveyard Shifts.

    The vote system resets with the first link. (MCSL) Unless they have changed something, it should reset at 12:00am CEST, 3pm PST

    I don't understand your point #2?

    There is a check on the server you can run ("vote stats?") to see what your streak is and if you have voted since it has reset. Once it says no, you can then vote again. I made it so that any of the links can give you a vote to your vote streak so that if a site is not working you don't lose out.

    I wasn't aware that there were any issues with vote streaks being broken, it is meant to be hard but rewarding to keep up a vote streak.

  9. 6 weeks ago
    Fri Mar 9 15:52:35 2018
    CraftyMyner posted in To crafty and staff about VPN.

    You should be alright, we don't ban or punish anyone for using a vpn.

  10. Mon Mar 5 00:36:50 2018
    CraftyMyner posted in lol xd?.

    The account you used is from a site that provides people with leaked accounts. We ban said accounts along with the IP of the player that used that account. I can unban your IP but should you use that service again, your account will be re-banned automatically.

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