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  1. last week
    Sat Jan 12 17:01:02 2019
    CraftyMyner posted in Server problems.

    The server's CPU got stuck at 800MHz after reboot. Found the issue and we are now back up to 5GHz, should be a lot better now. I am going to take this time to optimize some things and do some tests. Hopefully, I can squeak a bit more out of our hardware.

  2. 3 weeks ago
    Tue Jan 1 13:39:09 2019
    CraftyMyner posted in IM BACK requesting help from crafty.

    What is your current account name?

  3. Sat Dec 29 21:02:57 2018

    @FieryPhoenix64 Just wondering why the outer layer of my minecraft skin show in the little picture next to my name in the forums? Normally my skin would have a beak, but its not visible in the forums. :'( If this could be fixed this would be great. @CraftyMyner

    Simple fix, thanks!

  4. 4 weeks ago
    Sat Dec 22 09:53:06 2018
    CraftyMyner started the conversation CHRISTMAS SALE ON NOW!!.



    It's that time of year again. As a thank to everyone who has helped the CraftyMynes community grow, we are having a 25% OFF sale on everything in the Store! The sale will last now through to the 1st of January 2019.

    Thanks again from all the staff here at CraftyMynes, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Go to the Store

  5. Wed Dec 19 14:57:08 2018
    CraftyMyner posted in Mob heads.

    It would also cut in to CraftyCrate and loot crafte rewards. I will think about it.

  6. 5 weeks ago
    Tue Dec 18 00:38:15 2018
    CraftyMyner posted in unable to vote.

    @Eisa_Non Voting still doesn't work on ALL 4 sites. I type in iwarriiori and click vote and it doesn't WORK. Can you fix?

    What sites, didn't quite get the puncutation of that sentence, does it not work on any, or does it not work on some?

    What does it say?

    "iwarriiori" us not a valid name anymore, btw

  7. Tue Dec 18 00:07:29 2018
    CraftyMyner posted in unable to vote.

    @humfrydog thank you the link at the bottom of the page now works for me


  8. Mon Dec 17 15:22:15 2018
    CraftyMyner posted in unable to vote.

    @humfrydog I am still having this issue with my browser, yhis link provided by tez orks but the one on the vote page does not

    The link at the bottom of the page still didn’t work???

  9. Fri Dec 14 21:38:28 2018
    CraftyMyner posted in Tables In the Forum.

    @Eisa_Non This aint it chief. ServerKart was better.

    I loved it when I had to clean up 450 posts from when a disgruntled player got a hold of the naughty words keyboard.

  10. Fri Dec 14 20:34:09 2018
    CraftyMyner posted in Tables In the Forum.

    So, anyone using these tables y’all asked for?

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