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  1. 14 hours ago
    Thu Aug 17 20:14:55 2017
    CraftyMyner posted in Is 1.13 Going to be a Reset?.

    It is true that they are changing everything about commands, however, all the same functions exist, just written a different way. It is quite possible a converter could be written to translate the code to the new format. Especially now that most of the code is in functions.

  2. 2 days ago
    Wed Aug 16 00:39:49 2017
    CraftyMyner posted in A Survey.

    Manual in game could still be swade by alts, if you ask them with msg, I doubt you will get true answers.

  3. 3 days ago
    Tue Aug 15 03:12:03 2017
    CraftyMyner posted in A Survey.

    Player made surveys are likely to be tampered with and even blocking ips from entering again won't help.

    You must remember that there is only about 2.2k players who have even signed up for the forum compared to the 300k players that have played on the server. While the forum does represent a large amount of the recurring players, it doesn't represent a majority or even a fraction of half the player base. Many players don't come to the forum to enter their opinion.

  4. 4 days ago
    Sun Aug 13 21:24:00 2017
    CraftyMyner posted in Map Reset.

    I think 100k would be as large as I would go.

  5. 6 days ago
    Sat Aug 12 05:36:12 2017
    CraftyMyner posted in Map Reset.

    A progressive increase is world size would probably piss people off

  6. Sat Aug 12 05:35:10 2017
    CraftyMyner posted in Map Reset.

    A 200k x 200k world boarder takes up 978gb on disk when fully populated. Deleting old world chunks causes issues to with structures and spawning.

  7. last week
    Wed Aug 9 23:15:54 2017
    CraftyMyner posted in JSN_'s Ban Appeal.

    Hey JSN_, while I truly believe what happened and there is all the evidence to prove it, I just can't pardon your account.

    I know you have been playing here for a long time and I know you know the rules. Using a minimap is against the rules and warrants a perma ban. If I were to unban you, that would set a precedent for all past and future bans. I would have to unban all the players that said they "accidentally had their fly on" or "their brother installed hacks". I love you as a player and I really want to let you back on but I'm afraid that the backlash would be huge. Any player in the past that had said they did it by accident would come to me asking why you got unbanned but they didn't. As well as anyone who gets banned after this would also use the excuse that it's unfair and that I'm being selective with the rules.

    Rules are rules and that's what keeps the server free from hackers. All players must be submitted to the same punishment no matter how sorry or high ranking they are.

    Your "JSN_" account will remain banned.

    - Crafty

  8. Wed Aug 9 22:37:45 2017
    CraftyMyner posted in Overhaul the Wishing Fountain.

    Also who wins it, a random person? A person that entered? what if they just entered dirt? What if they entered diamonds? Hows that different from the normal lottery. How much effort do we want to put into it?

  9. Wed Aug 9 22:36:30 2017

    The server will have good days and bad days as far as lag goes, it all depends who is on and what bases are loaded. Expanding the render distance would add a considerable amount of lag. It would likely cause anyone with less then a diamond pick to quit within the first few minutes of playing on the server. Its a delicate balance between the amount of players, render distance and lag. If you change one you affect all the others. Setting the render distance higher might be better for players with big mob farms, however, in the long run it will produce a lot more lag and cause players the go elsewhere.

    With each year a new cpu comes out that's better than the one before, however, with each release mojang adds more features that require more power. I remember back in 1.8 when I could get 88 players with little to no lag and render distance set to 10. Then mojang added enhanced mob collision that caused mobs to calculate collisions with all other mobs, creating an exponential amount of lag (<num of mobs>^2, 2 mobs = 4 collisions, 100 mobs = 10,000)

    I would love to be able to run a full server at render distance 15, but with current technology and vanilla performance, it's just not possible. 1.13 is suppose to focus on performance, but it's likely they will also add more features causing the net performance gain to be minimal.

    - Crafty

  10. Wed Aug 9 04:50:41 2017
    CraftyMyner posted in chat filter hella strict.

    Nah, they expire after a short amount of time, around a couple minutes.

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