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  1. 4 days ago
    Sun May 31 04:16:19 2020
    CraftyMyner posted in Bad Omen Not Working.

    I was testing about 100 different things like gamerules and optimizations to lower the lag, I forgot I had set the disableRaids gamerule to false. It has been fixed now.

  2. last week
    Thu May 21 14:17:31 2020

    @Pwnanite "I'm restructuring a lot of the services that make up CraftyMynes, I hope to add more functionality to the Player Panel soon."

    is what i was referring to, was curious about the Player Panel.
    *Genuinely just curious if thats still gonna be a thing, or if maybe i misunderstand what the term player panel refers to. Not trying to stir up a bees nest here lol*

    Sadly with my limited time I have not been able to finish all the features I wanted for it yet. Some of the ideas were, real-time messaging from the forum to the server (you would be able to chat to players in-game from the forum using your verified account) Badges and awards that would be issued on the forum based on actions or stats in game. Leader boards on the forum to see whos the best pvp'er or whos mined the most. I have a lot more ideas, just need to find the time to implement them.

  3. 2 weeks ago
    Fri May 15 03:54:25 2020
    CraftyMyner posted in Private Tp Method.

    @Louis_Vuitton8 So is the persons id always the same or does it change depending on server traffic

    They get reset every restart or when the panel updates, it would be kinda annoying to have to type an ID like 53025 every time. It also stems from the old system we had that used command blocks, we didn't make the IDs sequential as it could be used to triangulate players based on their ID.

  4. Thu May 14 23:04:01 2020
    CraftyMyner posted in Private Tp Method.

    This has been rectified by adding ID's for each player. Side note, if you send the request to the wrong person, it tells you their name and you can just move to cancel it.

  5. Thu May 14 22:32:25 2020
    CraftyMyner posted in Private Tp Method.

    @deyahruhd Since I assume the forum/panel server is logically separated from the minecraft server, couldn't you just generate a map from player names to IDs and then go from name->ID->trigger command? Or are the player IDs purely a technical detail, only within the minecraft server itself, and nothing outside of it can really probe them?

    I can't use names in trigger commands, all ids are stored in the panel and have nothing to do with the server. I realized that the only reason I used negative IDs was because "/trigger tp" would always select the player with ID 1, if I just don't give anyone ID 1 then it won't matter and I can just add the IDs to the list and you can run "/trigger tp <ID>".

    The other issue is that ID's change when the server restarts or the panel is updated so you should always check the list before running the trigger. Not having the IDs public ensured that no one would enter an ID that has changed hands.

  6. Thu May 14 22:14:41 2020
    CraftyMyner posted in Private Tp Method.


    That got removed from there...

    Heres the thing, only numbers can be used for /trigger. For technical reasons, player ID's are negative numbers so it's not very intuitive if I made the numbers visible so players could manually type them in.

    I am not sure the best way to approach it.

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    Tue May 12 05:06:35 2020
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  8. Sat May 9 16:44:10 2020
    CraftyMyner posted in party chat/team chat.

    Not possible in 100% vanilla, I am not able to interrupt the packets going back and forth so it would just end up going into public chat:

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    Tue May 5 23:29:35 2020
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