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    Mon Jan 8 17:47:48 2024
    CraftyMyner posted in Adding couple mods.

    Please see updated list:

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    Tue Dec 19 20:56:35 2023
    CraftyMyner posted in A handful of mod suggestions.

    Please see updated list:

  3. Tue Dec 19 20:52:48 2023
    CraftyMyner posted in CustomHud Mod.

    Added, please see:

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    CraftyMyner posted in NotIFine request.

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  5. 7 months ago
    Fri Oct 27 22:52:11 2023

    @Mymcy I heard rumors about the forum being updated kinda curious

    It has been discussed but it is not our highest priority as some other things. There are a lot of modifications that would need to be made to the forums if we updated to a new software like discourse.

  6. 8 months ago
    Sat Oct 21 03:45:20 2023
    CraftyMyner posted in Problem .

    We don't have enforce chat signing enabled on the server, maybe something to do with that?

  7. Thu Oct 12 04:45:54 2023

    @fishhead261 I like this idea, more votes seem to be the way forward.

    I was lucky enough to get my VIP rank from the community piggy bank filling up, which is very rare. I once voted for long enough to get a vote crate and was a bit disappointed with the items I received. Remembering to vote 4 times every day for a month isn't the easiest thing to achieve and I would have hoped for a better reward. I pretty much stopped voting after this, I'm lazy.

    This voting rank would be perfect, especially for my alt account. The VIP .home perks would make me continue voting daily for that account. A 7-day streak seems about right to be given the voter rank. Missing a day means you lose the rank, so you have to get to the 7-day streak again to get the rank back.

    If you already have the VIP rank, it just means you don't have to vote every single day to keep the perks. I think the voter rank would fit in nicely and wouldn't negatively affect the current rank system.

    It may even be possible to include voting perks for the current ranks, maybe making everyone's final .home free if they keep the vote streak up?

    Happy Birthday to the server!


    The vote streak is at least 1 vote, 25 days in a row. That way it a site is broken it won't ruin your streak. You can get an extra vote/credit for voting on all 4 sites.

    I do like the idea of more tiers for vote streaks, I know that getting 25 in a row can be hard.

    There will be a bit of complexity, the vote streak resets every 25 votes so it will need to be persisted. The homes is a completely different system so it will somehow need to talk with the votes system.

  8. Tue Oct 10 23:15:27 2023
    CraftyMyner started the conversation CraftyMynes' 9th Birthday.

    I want to take a moment to thank each and every player we have had over the past 9 years. All your support both by donations, voting and playing have kept us going. I would also like to thank the staff who put in the time to make sure everyone has a good time.

    To celebrate, we are having a 25% off sale on all items in the store until the end of halloween!

    Check out the store: Click Here!

  9. 9 months ago
    Thu Sep 21 19:47:08 2023

    Thanks for your kind and constructive words.

    From my point of view it looked like there was a mass exodus due to many core players getting griefed. I thought what I was doing would not be a big deal to anyone but would significantly help with player retention and maybe get a few back. I did not foresee all the effects it would have both for players and for the optics of the situation.

    As for changing the forum, its deeply integrated with all the other systems like ranks, authentication/verification, player/staff panel. There's probably A few solid weeks involved in learning the new thing, re-learning the old thing and porting it all over.

    I would like to do a poll regarding semi-vanilla but I don't know the best way to get an accurate sample size and avoid cheating.

    I was thinking ingame with a forum post directing players to get on and vote.


  10. Thu Sep 21 13:35:33 2023

    Pretty much since day one I have been toying with the idea of making the server semi-vanilla.

    I have actually converted CraftyMynes into a semi-vanilla server multiple times in testing. I worked on converting over all our stuff into plugins. Everytime I thought I was getting close, there would be another minecraft release, my plugins, command blocks, and the panel would break. I would fix the server to get it running with the new version and then I would put off the move to semi-vanilla because we were getting the influx of new players from the new minecraft version.

    I don't know what it's like now (maybe worth a test) but there were many times we were pushed into the semi-vanilla category when someone reported us. Everytime that happened it was like the new player tap got turned off.

    CraftyMynes started off as a place to test out some command block ideas I had with friends because I wasn't allowed to be admin on another server. At the time I was 15, part time job, part time school, I played minecraft every day for hours into the night.

    (Wah wah, sad me incoming, skip if you don't want to hear me complain)

    I am now 26, the server itself is almost 10 years old (from going live on MCSL). I have 2 full time jobs, starting a business, 2 mortgages, car, etc. I have not really been able to do anything besides stay above water. I have not played minecraft or any other game in about 7 years, I just don't have the time. I don't have or watch TV, I only just bought new clothes for the first time years a few months ago. I have no IRL friends, and my long time girlfriend dumped me. I was not feeling great about real life so I tried to step back into minecraft and find my happy place.

    I tried to do something good for the community, it was probably short sighted, but it seemed like the right thing to do at the time. I didn't foresee what was going to come next. It felt like I just said a racial slur on twitter, pretty much everything I did was contested. People, including me, were made fun of in the forums. I don't believe in myself anymore. I do not understand the community or the game well enough to make correct decisions. I tried to take advice from staff and other players but I am still lost.

    Personally I don't know whether or not semi-vanilla is going to help with player retention. On one hand it might make it better for the players who are here right now and help keep them around but on the other hand, past experience shows that there will be less new players to replace those who leave.

    Over the years i have spent countless hours working within the limitations mojang provided. It started with redstone, command blocks, then functions. If we switch to semi vanilla, all the work I did could be replaced with a few plugins that take seconds to install. That emotionally hurts. It's like entering into a car show where everyone has a sports car and I have a go-kart that was built in the backyard with my dad when I was a kid. It feels out of place. I know I can keep what we have but it's going to feel a bit jank when compared to the offerings available with plugins.

    I don't know where to go from here, I don't have the time at the moment to take on anything that's going to go south on me. The systems behind the scenes are so complex that even when I the creator go to change one thing I break 5 others. It would be hard to pass on the reins in any meaningful way.

    I guess the few questions I have are:

    1. Is the lag really that bad, do we even have enough players right now to cause lag?
    2. Is there something we are missing that would make a much bigger difference than semi-vanilla in terms of player retention?
    3. If we go semi-vanilla, it's hard to go back. Do we try to switch categories for a week or month and then make a decision if we see more players?


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