1. 3 months ago


    May 5 Suspended

    In Game Name: Tyteus.

    Reason for your ban: X-ray / Chest ESP.

    Why should you be unbanned: Hello there. I was banned a couple years ago for apparently "x-raying". The server looks like an outstanding server and very professional. The new 1.14 update has come out and I've decided to play Minecraft survival again. Now I was wondering if there is any Evidence to my ban? If not.. then unfortunately my ban is unjust because it would be considered a assumption rather than a fact. Perhaps there is evidence to my ban? I would be very content if there is. Thank you.

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    You have attempted to appeal this ban several times now and have had your appeals rejected multiple times. Twice by Administrators and once by the Owner, you will not be pardoned this time either.

    Here is a link to your old appeals in case you wish to refresh your memory.
    https://forum.craftymynes.com/4827-banned-for-x-ray - The owner replied to this one
    https://forum.craftymynes.com/6462-banned-for-making-a-strip-mine/p1#p70653 - I replied to this one
    https://forum.craftymynes.com/7351-kaolo-s-ban-appeal/p1#p80546 - BaronBattleBread replied to this one.


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