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    My Reason For being banned. (Flying/Speed/High Jump)

    Why I believe I should be unbanned. Yes I see from above this looks very bad already. I would first like to say; that even though it looks bad, I will fully respect you're judgement if you deny this request. Okay here we go, I believe I should be unbanned for these reasons: Well I don't exactly remember ever hacking, and I also don't exactly know when this could of happened so like I said I respect the choice, but I'm looking for a 1.14 minecraft server to call home and I saw you're server on as #1 for vanilla survival, so I wanted to check it out, I went to go check it out and was very confused why I was banned. I know I said "I don't exactly remember ever hacking" but It could of been when I was younger and didn't understand the "right" and "wrongs" or it could of been my brother when he previously shared this account with me for several years till he ended up quitting minecraft in general. If I do get unbanned, I obviously expect being watched heavily for "potential hacks" which is fine till i've proven myself innocent. But if you do catch me somehow ever hacking again, be my guest and ban me on the spot. I've learned many things throughout the years, been staff on many servers so I understand 100% what you're choice is. I think i've said enough, thank you for reading this!

    -Best of Regards ~QuantumLoops

  2. Hello you were banned under the name of icekingman720 on 2017/03/25, we do not pardon accounts banned for cheating, sorry.
    Appeal denied

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