TomisOps's ban Appeal

  1. 11 months ago

    In Game Name:TomisOps

    Reason for your ban: I got banned a few weeks ago for making a sugar cane 0 tick farm, and i am really sorry for that, i didn't know it was agaisnt the rules and thats totally my fault for not reading them thoroughly. Once i get unbanned ill destroy all of the things i got from this farm as well as the farm itself. Thanks for reading

  2. Hi, I'm the mod that banned you. You were actually banned two days ago, and the reason was for duping / dupe machine, referring to that carpet duping machine you had, the fact that it was a one tick machine was basically irrelevant at that point.

    We take cheating very seriously here, no matter how small it might seem. This appeal is denied, best of luck on other servers.

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