TomisOps's ban Appeal 2

  1. 10 months ago
    Edited 10 months ago by TomisOps

    Reason of ban: duping of carpets
    Hello, Im Tomis and this is my second appeal, but i really really want to play the server. I understand what i did wrong, and don't you think that a permanent ban for a carpet dupe is a bit too much?, im really really sorry and wont do it again.. I was having so much fun in the server and i feel bad for not being to play anymore, i traded a lot and was really active in the community,(even though my english is not that great since its not my first language everyone understood me pretty fine). I would truly appreaciate, after learning of my errors, to get a second chance, even a ban thats not permanent? Thanks

  2. Edited 10 months ago by PapaNeon

    You were duping carpet and intended to sell them to other players for diamonds, and again as stated in your first attempt -

    "We take cheating very seriously here, no matter how small it might seem. This appeal is denied, best of luck on other servers."

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