VonSkullington's Ban Appeal

  1. 6 months ago

    In Game Name: VonSkullington

    Reason for your ban: Claiming to hack on server

    Why should you be unbanned: This was probably around two years ago, when a child in my home had played under my account and visited this server, and typed threats about hacking on the server, jokingly. I haven't actually played on the server myself, but would like to try as I have some friends that play on it now. I don't let anyone use my account anymore, so there's no chance of something similar happening again. Thank you.

  2. We take joking about hacking very seriously. We also expect people to responsible for their accounts. I am glad to hear that you will no longer allow others to use your account.

    Your account will be pardoned in three days from this response.

    Make sure to read our rules in the interim.


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