1. 2 months ago
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    IGN- it was YamiAllan at the time now it is ItsYamiAllan

    Reason for ban- X-raying

    Reason for unban- Around 5 months ago, I was Falsely Banned for x-raying, which is by the slightest NOT true. This was a clear error made by your staff and or staff team. I was not able to make a ban appeal at that time since I could not create a acount on the forms. I just now had to make a new email acount, which was quite troubling. When I got banned there was no tests to see if I was hacking and no one asked to screen share. There is absolutely no proof that I was hacking since I was not. If there is any, send away, but there will not be any.

  2. Hello, I'm the mod that banned you

    After reviewing the evidence, you appear very, and I mean very suspicious. You started mining straight, then randomly started strip mining in a way that you wouldn't miss the diamonds that were very close, but not in the direct path of you. Besides that you mined in a very odd way, snaking around in a manor very similar to xray. I can see why I decided to ban you, however, now that I can see what went on, it seems I was overzealous in the ban. You set of all my metaphorical alarms but I didn't have enough direct evidence to outright ban yet. I apologize for the inconvenience, I should've had more evidence.

    You will be pardoned immediately.

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