RIOT___'s ban appeal

  1. 2 months ago

    In Game Name:
    Reason for your ban:
    For "chat violation/disrespecting/testing the staffs tolerence for situational enforcement/intentionally irritating the staff.

    Why should you be unbanned:

    I should be unbanned becauses it was a first offense and it was a mere chat violation and one that creeps on the more iffy indirect/undefined situational enforcement. None the less i fully understand that i was testing the limits of the staffs tolerence to what could be considered violating speech or challenging staff directly in a way that would be perceived as disrespectful. I apologise for my behaviors, and i will not recreate the intolerant act of irritating and testing the staffs limits. I will shut up when warned or log off the server until everything cools down. I think it's ethical and reasonable request to have a second chance after re-evaluation of the rules.

    NOTE: I would've appericated a warning that indicated i was going to be banned if i continued my behaviors, because the rules didn't really strongly touch on that.

  2. Your warnings were the warnings and chat from me and the other staff member online, as well as your kick. None the less, since this is your first ban, I will set it for 24hrs from now.

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