FalkeEros's Ban Appeal

  1. 8 weeks ago
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    Title of the thread: (your In Game Name here)'s Ban Appeal

    In Game Name: FalkeEros

    Reason for your ban: cheating, told some guy in the chat I was hacking

    Why should you be unbanned: I never hacked, I just got killed by a guy who pretended he wanted to help me. I tried to scare him buy saying I was a hacker in the main chat, and got all my diamonds out to show to show him that I could xray. He just reported me, so I really got finessed by him. I really like the community of this server, and would like to play again.
    Edit: I see I was pardonned 4 months ago, but Im still banned so that did not work for some reason.

  2. Should be good now, welcome back.

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