1. 5 weeks ago

    So I had recently improperly announced that I'm starting to stream. I have since been advised and informed on how to go about it correctly. So with that mulligan out of the way, I'm gonna start streaming my gameplay. Historically, I would play in short bursts of intense focus on days I had free, with a lot of AFK farming in between, but now I have the opportunity to reliably set aside a chunk of the same time weekly for this. I'll be doing it on twitch and uploading them to youtube. I'm still debating on whether friday night or saturday morning/afternoon is better, I'll determine that soon. I'm also not sure where the best place is to announce each time I'm starting, but for now I think here will do. If that's less than wise, just let me know and I'll find a better void to shout it into. Regardless of the details, if you're interested, here are the links!


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