Epic_Creeper_12's Ban Appeal

  1. 2 months ago

    In Game Name: Epic_creeper_12

    Reason for your ban: Using X-ray hack

    Why should you be unbanned: I am currently writing this of behalf of epic_creeper_12 as he is currently unavailable (working). As most of you know, I'm his girlfriend as the reason I joined this server was so that we could explore and build together as a team. I'm known for having a good reputation on this server and liked by many. What he did was wrong and he is very sorry and did it out of rage because our base got raided the other day. I only wish for him to get unbanned so that we can continue adventuring and befriending others on this server. I have so many friends here, I don't want to loose any of them. I want to play with everyone, including epic_creeper_12. Please consider this appeal, he is the sweetest player and very friendly to all. It would mean a lot, thank you :)

  2. Hello there, elliehatesclicke;

    Sorry to inform you, but we need to read the appeal from the banned player in question, so we can evaluate the situation properly.

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