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  1. 2 months ago
    Mon Aug 16 02:39:47 2021
    DonCake posted in New Word Association.


  2. 5 months ago
    Mon May 17 22:19:27 2021
    DonCake posted in New Word Association.


  3. Fri May 14 23:48:47 2021
    DonCake posted in IIIIIIgitt's second ban appeal.

    Hello there, iiiiiigitt,

    You were caught cheating by September 2020, I don't recall time passing that fast!

    I understand you wanting to return; however, people caught cheating are banned permanently,
    Wish you best of luck elsewhere, iiiiiigitt;


  4. 6 months ago
    Wed Apr 7 19:21:49 2021
    DonCake posted in Disable VPN Bans for VIP.

    @01011000 That makes sense, although this would mean that every time that a cheater wants to return to the server they would have to buy a rank. If only MVPs were immune to VPN bans, that would mean that it would be very expensive to return to cheat, and it would only be a nice QOL addition for MVP rank.

    I understand your point of view - however, I wouldn't risk our community to someone who would buy a rank and put us and our server in danger. Due to the fact people are people and there's been offenders of all kinds, even MVP's in the past, even if we trust our playerbase, it could lead to problems in the future from people who could take advantage of the additional "perks", if you may (from getting an MVP rank), to harm the server, of which people should be playing safely on a daily basis, making those exempt from the past permanent bans (from whatever reason)? I don't know! There's been people trying to compromise the server before. And the server is not cheap to run nor to maintain, per se!

    In a big picture, would you find it a good solution for our community overall to risk other folks bypassing VPN bans in order to avoid the minor inconveniences of appealing to them? I'll leave that for you to decide as this is also an opinion and my point of view. What matters is that the server should be a safe place for everyone to play. Thanks for the input!

  5. Wed Apr 7 08:27:10 2021
    DonCake posted in Disable VPN Bans for VIP.

    The situation is also due to the fact that since in the past there's been ranked players caught cheating, if the VPN ban would be removed for all VIP / VIP+ and MVP ranks, that would give the ranked cheaters an opportunity to return via VPN, not only the bots of which the system was also designed to deal with, so it could lead to a sticky situation

  6. 7 months ago
    Fri Mar 19 18:55:26 2021
    DonCake posted in PFFFFFF.

    what a lovely ban appeal. I suggest you do better than that

  7. Sat Mar 6 17:13:42 2021
    DonCake posted in i303am ban appeal.

    The pardon time comes up in ticks, not on any other timeline specified by calendar / clocks. Please be patient.

  8. Fri Mar 5 02:49:34 2021
    DonCake posted in will i keep my stuff?.

    Yes. You will be at the same spot as you were with all the items you had in your inventory right before the ban took place

  9. Thu Mar 4 12:14:07 2021
    DonCake posted in New Word Association.

    Gandalf Sax Guy

  10. Thu Feb 25 22:41:36 2021
    DonCake posted in minus1ram4763's ban appeal.

    Greetings, jac0br0thss0n,

    I was the mod who banned you,

    It's true that although there's no specific rule regarding player impersonation per se, itself is part of the "respect towards other players" section on changing to a very close name after being asked not to by the other player. I understand that it might have been done as a joke, but please note everyone has the right to their own individuality on this server.
    To avoid the hassle of waiting 30 days to change your name in order to play, it has been agreed upon that you may return under the condition that you change your name when eligible for a name change and to not portray as the specific player in question to prevent any inconvenience.

    You have been pardoned.

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