Remjend's ban appeal

  1. 7 weeks ago


    Dec 6 Suspended

    Player in game name: Remjend/Rabidraddit

    Reason for ban: Chest ESP

    Reason to unban: I don't even know what chest esp is, furthermore I am aware that's a permanent ban along with x-ray; it's basically common practice amongst most, if not all servers.
    I understand the reason for being that way. Cheaters exploit the game and can make playing the experience not-so-fun, I've been looking at other ban appeal requests and judging from how one-sided arguments are I probably don't stand a chance.
    However, I'm not here to... how you say, "advertise" other servers, but if you would come to the ones I play on, one of those being a famous youtubers who doesn't allow any modding and implies serious consequences and also some other raid servers; each of these for going on 2 years now. I haven't even bought or donated to any other server, but I did like this one.
    If you're weary of me then just remove my v.i.p. rank and monitor me closely every time I'm on.
    P.S. I believe the real reason for the ban is because I spam festering strike and plague strike non-stop in rated pvp on world of warcraft.
    Edit: I know that's totally unrelated, but hey, my last message should be a fun one.

  2. Denied.

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