1. 3 weeks ago

    IGN: TomasUruguay
    Reason for ban: X-ray
    Reason for unban: Look I have been banned for x-raying. I wanted to make a joke with my friends, at the time i thought it was funny, now I realise it was not. it was foolish of me. I want you to unban me because it is the only server i can play with my friends. if i were to re-join the server I make a solemn promise to never commit such an obscene offense to the server. Please unban me i never meant to cause any harm to this server.

  2. Hello I'm the mod that banned you.

    I'll cut to the chase; I appreciate your honesty but we take cheating very serious here. As such, it is a permanent ban. You will remain banned.

    Best of luck elsewhere.

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