1. 5 weeks ago

    Funny how you guys didn't give the evidence. I would love to see some real screenshots of me actually on the client rather than a couple of words.

    I would be amazed if you have screenshots of me actually on Lunar Client on CraftyMynes because I was never on there.

    discord - Avait#0001

    I explained already how I used the client on another server check prev post for more details

  2. G'day,

    Staff are required to show proof to Administrators and if required Administrators show proof to CraftyMyner. We are not required to show you any form of proof collected on you, to you, or anyone other than those listed.

    At this stage 3 separate Administrators have reached the same conclusion I did. You are more than welcome to appeal to CraftyMyner his email is located on these forums.

    This ban still holds, appeal denied.


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