Zazioza VPN Ban appeal

  1. 4 months ago

    I got banned for using a Vpn, I already sent an appeal but I didn't write a title and I bearly wrote any details. So I use Nord VPN and I forgot to turn it off when I tried joining CraftyMines. I rearely use a VPN and would like to play on CraftyMines again.

  2. Edited 4 months ago by Nysic


    I don't see any other appeals filed by you? Did you target a specific person with it or did you appeal some other way as I don't see anything and this is the first I'm hearing of it. Also if you don't supply a title as you suggested it will not allow you to post the appeal.

    Either way I've looked into it and I'll pardon your account. In future fill out ban appeals correctly and make sure they are public or it will take longer than necessary to get it sorted out.


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