i303am ban appeal

  1. 6 months ago

    ign: i303am

    Reason for your ban: Threatening to Ddos someone

    why i think i should be unbanned: I was just messing around and i don't even know how to do that but i was just joking because someone told me he was gonna kill me so i so i pretended i was gonna Ddos them to see if they would stop. Im sorry and it will never happen again because i really like this server.

  2. Suh,
    I am the mod who banned you, I understand that you may not have meant that as a joke but it is important to realize that we have no way of knowing that, and to protect the safety of the players we must take all threats like that seriously, you will be unbanned 3 days from now, please take some of that time to review the rules, we look forward to having you back.
    - Lonely_Flame

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