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  1. 1 hour ago
    Sat Apr 29 18:17:04 2017
    R4iscool1 posted in Tornadozz's Ban Appeal.

    Due to this being a long long time ago and the staff member no longer being with us you have been pardoned, do not ever do anything like that again.

  2. yesterday
    Fri Apr 28 19:15:31 2017
    R4iscool1 posted in Unable to play servers.

    Have you installed or edited a firewall/anti virus recently ?

  3. Fri Apr 28 15:59:15 2017
    R4iscool1 posted in Unable to play servers.

    That would help with the utilization of resources however that is not an issue that won't fix your current timeout problem.

    I think the issue may be with your actual internet given that you seem to have trouble accessing other websites, I'll have a think of potential causes and get back to you.

  4. 2 days ago
    Wed Apr 26 19:57:15 2017

    I certainly agree Stranger, new players being killed especially has always been a concern of mine but there's very little we can do without stepping into gameplay too much.
    An idea of mine was giving them 15 min resistance but it would make them invincible in pvp and spawn would overwrite it.

  5. Wed Apr 26 19:41:46 2017

    @Silver_Sonya Ok, how about that: only survival obtainable items only as a part of donation perks. No birthday, retirement, graduation and other gifts at unknown admin's discretion.

    Sounds like a plan?

    I don't agree, custom gifts add to the fun of the server in my opinion and prevent vanilla going stagnant, really they aren't a big part of the server but they show our appreciation to certain users.
    Provided they don't confer an unreasonable advantage I see no issue with them.

    It would be very hard to make CraftyCrates worthwhile with giving just survival items, we'd likely have to give out totems regularly or something similar which would have a far greater effect.

  6. 3 days ago
    Wed Apr 26 19:16:42 2017

    @Silver_Sonya Valgys and R4iscool1, thanks for your responses. When you're done discussing my civility and intelligence, please post something that isn't off-topic. I'm not going to reply unless you want to discuss the server or anything from OP post.

    Yeah I never discussed your civility or intelligence but if you want to discuss OP there's plenty of rebuttals I have made to your arguments and the basis on which you made them if you want to address those, since nothing is going to change till you can provide clear logical points.

  7. Wed Apr 26 18:29:50 2017

    @Silver_Sonya As I said, you're the one bringing anger to this conversation and trying to speak about anything else but not about the prosperity of the server. If you have nothing to say but to attack me - then it's probably better to say nothing at all.

    What makes you think I'm angry?
    I haven't once attacked you either for that matter.
    Finally I do care about the prosperity hence why I oppose your changes as I feel the community prefers the way things are and they would be negative.

  8. Wed Apr 26 18:21:49 2017

    @Silver_Sonya Well then don't bring on time/money stuff in the first place.

    Then don't bring up players are who we have to thank.

    @Silver_Sonya Thanks but the only troll here so far is you, others seem to be looking for a way to make CM even better :)

    Far from it, I'm working to maintain the good community we already have and people enjoy instead of changing things based on the whim of a very small percentage of users at the expense of the majority of users.

    @Silver_Sonya For starters – Not attacking OP on sole grounds that he brings feedback now and not when Dawn wants it.

    I never attacked the OP I disagreed with his arguments and logically refuted them, that's not an attack it's a discussion about the future of CM.

  9. Wed Apr 26 18:17:18 2017

    @Silver_Sonya Can't agree more. Feedback is extremely valuable for any project. Let's hope that eventually more and more mods will learn to accept feedback peacefully and will look for the ways to satisfy as much players as possible.

    What mod's can't take feedback peacefully ? I think all our mods listen to the actual community not just a small segment of it and work to make the community better based on the actual communities feedback.
    What does taking feedback peacefully even mean.

  10. Wed Apr 26 17:59:46 2017

    @Silver_Sonya Someday you'll be surprised to find out that its all the way round. Only customer/user/player-centric projects are successful in the long-run.

    I really appreciate Crafty's and your work. I really do. But please leave all the "incalculable amounts of time" and "for free" nonsense for yourself. I personally don't care how many hours you spend and for how much money you do what you do and neither should anybody.

    I appreciate the lesson in your personal economic philosophy but I'm not interested. We are player centeric though, we just don't recognize you to represent the player base as you act. 7 players agreeing with you on the forums does not come close to representing the total playerbase or the community especially when 8 disagree.

    Yeah I wasn't surprised that you only really cared about yourself and not anyone else, especially when I found out who you really are.

    @Silver_Sonya 10/10 verifier-skill, well played!
    As for the actual answer, here:
    This is exactly how much it is your business when, how and where I play.

    I take it from your lack of argument and giant clipart however that you have no response to any of the actual rebuts of your points. If you are going to start trolling take it elsewhere.

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