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  1. 2 days ago
    Sat Mar 25 16:00:53 2017
    R4iscool1 posted in VIP.

    I feel feel obligated to point out the risks for others.

    The reason I would not go for this is simple, the risk of you claiming them back with the transaction ID, if you have access to the ID you could claim it back from Mojang no problem within a week and keep the Vip too.
    If you were capable of providing the IDs and proving they are legitimate then I would consider the deal however.

    That's assuming they are legitimately brought, if they are hacked accounts it would be a very risky thing to do simply because the original owners could claim back with transaction ID or Mojang would lock it if they suspect its been compromised like the often do.
    I know from experience after buying 10 dodgy accounts last year and having only 1 left 4 months later that they don't last long.

  2. Fri Mar 24 22:10:31 2017
    R4iscool1 posted in The Lottery is Open!!!.

    Wtf rigged.

  3. 3 days ago
    Fri Mar 24 13:22:38 2017

    Problem resolved thread locked.

  4. Fri Mar 24 12:55:32 2017

    Jkeller log on now please I may be able to fix your respawn point.

  5. 4 days ago
    Wed Mar 22 23:53:29 2017
    R4iscool1 posted in The Lottery is Open!!!.

    @_Confederacy_ Why the maximum payout? If 300 people gamble 5DB the winner should take all 1500DB...

    That's just my point of view though.

    What lottery doesn't skim off the top?
    These funds can be used for other endeavors without spawning in items and combat the inflation of diamonds.

  6. last week
    Sun Mar 19 19:45:31 2017
    R4iscool1 posted in Sknup's Protection.

    @Cileklim You can't see how having items protected gives an advantage, huh? This is much more advanced than putting your items in a echest, he can store spawners, slime chunks etc. inside which is not really possible with a shulker box or an echest.

    His playstyle doesn't make this any fair. No offense @sknup

    The fact though is he isn't, he rarely trades and the only real value in his base is the beauty, size and time put into it. There's no grinders or slime chunks.
    Also until I and the admins online discovered the hackers teleporting into the base despite not finding it legitimately it was completely unprotected like any other base.
    What about his playstyle makes this unfair ? He doesn't trade except for essentials, doesn't raid, pvp or grief.
    Nevermind the fact it's temporary until we can be sure we got all the hackers.

  7. Sun Mar 19 18:29:35 2017
    R4iscool1 posted in Sknup's Protection.

    @Pimpcy What about trading or selling or even gifting do you think that should be limited too I know it's a smaller thing to think about but with him and his items being completely protected against everyone els.

    Well nysic put is succinctly but I can't see how having items protected warrants a restriction.
    It's not like he's a big trader nor does it make really any sense, anyone can protect their items.

  8. Sun Mar 19 17:22:08 2017
    R4iscool1 posted in Sknup's Protection.

    @Pimpcy Because it's an old structure both Crafty and Sknup took part in it and he cherishes it, that's why I suggested making it into a monument removing all the survival gear, etc and just leaving the structure protected and for all to see via teleporter, Kinda Like the ships at spawn

    And sknup can make a survival bunker to keep his belongings in he's still a player like the rest of us I think he should either be limited to what he can do to other players or have that idea be taken into consideration
    I think a monument would be cool

    It's not finished though, so it doesn't make sense to have half a monument.
    Sknup so far as I'm aware has never raided or greifed or killed anyone so essentially the limit is there.

  9. Sun Mar 19 17:15:49 2017
    R4iscool1 posted in Sknup's Protection.

    @javonjw I think that sknup should not be able to grief or raid not saying that he is while his base is protected

    I don't think he ever has so the point is moot.

  10. Fri Mar 17 17:57:08 2017

    @Carl_Sagan1 what's IGN??

    Stand for In game name

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