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  1. 5 days ago
    Mon Oct 16 18:13:07 2017
    R4iscool1 posted in END PORTAL PROBLEMS.

    Well, I've just tested on most of the portals in survival mode and I can't replicate this?
    They seem to function fine, I'm guessing you missed the pearl and pearled into the void somehow.

  2. 6 days ago
    Mon Oct 16 04:12:41 2017
    R4iscool1 posted in END PORTAL PROBLEMS.

    Sorry the dragon spawns on the main island?
    So why would you use on the of the surrounding portals?

  3. Mon Oct 16 02:13:26 2017
    R4iscool1 posted in END PORTAL PROBLEMS.

    @Ealdwine_Drasax I sent the ender pearl through the portal and I was immediately dropped out of the world.

    Please be specific what portal
    One of the ones deep in the end?
    One of the ones that lead to the island?
    Or the one that leads to bed?

  4. Sun Oct 15 19:44:44 2017

    @SharpSerac why would you join a server that has pvp ENABLED if you don't want to lose items?

    better yet, why would you jump into a pvp arena (which by the way, the main purpose of is to pvp) if you didn't want to lose items?????

    Why don't you ask people that play kit PVP all the time?
    Many people find that PVP is much more fun when you remove the items and it purely becomes a contest of skill, who is better at PVPing not who is better equipped.
    To be honest it makes quite a lot of sense.

  5. last week
    Sun Oct 15 02:09:02 2017

    @SharpSerac it is for all, adding a prevention for logging applies for everyone so it isn't catering to one group.

    Yes it is, you are creating a detriment to one group of users to cater to another. Everyone should be able to use the arena in my opinion as equally as possible.

    @SharpSerac yeah, player vs player involves actively abusing logging out, which is why all pvp servers prevent you from logging out in combat.

    I don't know about all pvp servers but we aren't a pvp server and it's all an opinion. Some see that as a good part of CM others clearly don't. Others would like not to lose any items and many don't care at all.

  6. Sun Oct 15 01:39:37 2017

    @SharpSerac i never said they can't go in there, but if you have a shit connection you risk getting disconnected and losing your items.

    The arena should be for all, not just those who have good connections to the server, we shouldn't just cater to one group.

    @SharpSerac it would make things more fair, if you fall into the void you'd die. there wouldn't be any way to get out of that. there shouldn't be any way to get out of that before you die unless you have elytra

    That's just an opinion, I don't really have an issue with that and I think the majority of players you ask wouldn't have an issue with it either. Nothing unfair about it in my mind, everyone has access to a book.

    @SharpSerac you could either give the logger's head to all those in the arena, or you could kill them when they log back in again. there should be some sort of punishment because it is a pvp arena, it's a place where you're supposed to pvp, it's in the name

    Some would view logging to be an acceptable part of PVP.

  7. Sun Oct 15 01:26:03 2017

    @SharpSerac so why are you against adding a delay on teleports? how would it be detrimental to the server other than the fact that it's change to something that has been this way for a while?

    Well how it would it benefit the server?
    I think it would be a detriment to the playerbase who like the way it is currently for the most part and wouldn't want change.

  8. Sun Oct 15 01:03:12 2017

    @SharpSerac the pvp arena isn't vital for anyone to play on the server. making it so you can't log off while in combat there won't be the end of the world for the entire server. so i ask why are you against this change r4?

    I'm not really hugely against that one, hence why I mentioned it was debatable. I do however think everyone should be considered not just the suggestors view of how things should be.
    Other players need to be considered.

  9. Sun Oct 15 01:00:55 2017

    @SharpSerac it's not much of an issue because it doesn't affect him, he's not a pvper

    According to whom?
    Are you the authority on defining who is a pvper?
    Anyway, your suggestions affect the server as a whole, therefore, anyones opinion is valid.

    @SharpSerac instant teleports are cheaty, if you're falling into the void you can instantly teleport and not die, adding a delay would change this to make it more fair and less cheaty.

    I don't find them cheaty in any way and I don't think people would be here if they found them very objectionable. I see no issue.

    @SharpSerac combat tag has no real repercussions, everyone forgets that you're a logger and moves on. there should be consequences, it is called a "pvp arena" not a "log arena"

    I don't think people forget, they just don't care because it's not a PVP server and adding something that would make it harder for them just to counter this isn't something people would want I think.

    @SharpSerac as stated before, it's a serverwide delay on teleports. every server has delays to prevent abusing the teleportation system, why would you want people to be able to abuse this system?

    I don't see it as abuse, and no every server does not have a delay on teleports. It's an option in bukkit configs the default of which is off. I think people see it as a perfectly valid system and I certainly don't see how adding a delay would benefit anyone but a minority while annoying everyone else.

    @SharpSerac as stated before, combat tag does absolutely nothing. it was something to try to keep us pvpers from complaining but it wasn't implemented properly. the arena would essentially be the exact same without the combat tag. the chances of being disconnected mid fight are miniscule. here's a tip: if you have a shit connection, don't go in the pvp arena. it's that simple.

    It only does nothing because no one cares if anyone logs, it's not an issue on the majority of players radars. I don't see how it wasn't implemented properly either, it was implemented exactly as Crafty wanted.
    Just because you don't experience regular timeouts, doesn't mean other users mainly in other countries don't.
    Okay, so you are saying the Arena should only be for those with good connections?

    @SharpSerac the server where pvp, raiding, and griefing are all enabled and people think the one place where pvpers have in the server should be keep inventory? why not just add plots where people can't grief or raid? i'm sure people would love that, or does it take away from the "pvp raiding and griefing" on the server?

    Once again, this isn't a pvp or raid server it just happens to have it enabled, mainly due to the fact having a vanilla server otherwise is next to impossible.
    PVPers have the whole outside world, some people think there should be a spot where they can fight without worrying about being outgeared or losing all their items which is fair enough, it's just as valid as your own uses.

  10. Sat Oct 14 23:43:45 2017

    I think he's suggesting it's not much of an issue and I agree.

    Certainly, I would be against Teleport delays, this isn't really a PVP server as has been discussed before so adding something just to appease a small group of users at the detriment of the rest of the server is not something I believe should be done.
    We already have the combat tag in the arena for this purpose. There's no need to add to world outside spawn.

    As for logging, this discussion has been had too which lead to the introduction of the combat tag, however the whole premise of killing people upon logging while debatable, I and many others find flawed, due to the fact people quite often timeout of CM and dealing with restarts could be troublesome though probably not unfixable.
    Then there's another school of thought of whom think that the PVP arena, shouldn't bear any risk at all.

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