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  1. 17 hours ago
    Mon Jan 23 19:57:31 2017
    R4iscool1 posted in The disappearance of sknup.

    @ardoasms assuming

    Intel graphics of that generation would very very likely not be capable of MC, it's also unlikely given that it was in high class chips which wouldn't be bundled with 560's*.

    Sknup, I get the feeling this is not a realistically fixable issue on windows anyway.

  2. yesterday
    Sun Jan 22 16:56:15 2017
    R4iscool1 posted in The disappearance of sknup.

    Given that he has a 540 TI it seems rather unlikely, the release of them predated nearly all integrated graphics.

  3. 2 days ago
    Sat Jan 21 17:38:15 2017
    R4iscool1 posted in What just happened?.

    @R4iscool1 We cannot make any predictions, depends how fast Crafty can repair.
    Making predictions will just mean people will complain when they are wrong.

  4. Sat Jan 21 14:19:09 2017
    R4iscool1 posted in What just happened?.

    @JustJams Yeah, Im aware that CM uses OP Nodes, I said that as in there is a possibility.

    It really isn't one for the reasons listed above. Non of the major re-sellers offer OC I7 6770K, hopefully when Cannon-lake comes out we can have improved performance but I suspect the main upgrades will be on multi core processing sadly ;-;

    @Chilled__Chaos SO basically, about when will it be back up and running? Just curious since I'm pretty sure you guys still didn't tell us. I know you might not be able to tell when the server will be back online but can you at least make a prediction please? If not then that's ok.

    We cannot make any predictions, depends how fast Crafty can repair.
    Making predictions will just mean people will complain when they are wrong.

  5. Sat Jan 21 13:33:34 2017
    R4iscool1 posted in What just happened?.

    @JustJams He probably cannot upgrade his SSD, mainly due to the fact that OVH (I think he uses OVH) has set plans and you would need to upgrade everything which would cost more a month. I have used OVH a while so I kinda know what I mean and what I am talking about. Sorry if I explained it oddly.

    We aren't on OVH, we run on a custom host OP nodes. I think the webserver may be OVH but OVH doesn't support OverClocking on cores, single threaded performance is the key bottleneck to Vanilla Minecraft server performance sadly. They also offer Xeon's which aren't suited. So no OVH basically plus their plans aren't really that well suited for gameservers. Multiple CPU's wouldn't benefit the server really which is standard at that OVH price range as well.
    As for getting a 1tb ssd, well it's up to Crafty but it would be expensive and I don't see any particular need for it, given that we rarely restore from backups, 1tb ssd's tend to be lower quality than there smaller counterparts too, due to the development of the tech. Not that hard-drive speed is a big limiter but still.

  6. 3 days ago
    Sat Jan 21 13:27:45 2017
    R4iscool1 posted in What just happened?.

    @TimmyBoyT Oh boy, I hope you use some kind of redundant raid in case of disk failure. I had a SSD drive fail recently it was sudden and severe.
    Thanks for keeping us up to date.

    Raid isn't a proper Backup solution, running Raid on 2 SSD's would just cripple performance, directly affecting players and not actually provide half the benefit the regular backups off site do.
    Much easier to just restore a backup when a drive fails.

  7. Sat Jan 21 13:25:59 2017
    R4iscool1 posted in What just happened?.

    @_Haxington_ right first of all, what were the old villagers doing hidden on the server? You decided to remove them correct? So why were they still there?

    Maybe because the command blocks weren't removed ?
    Do we really need a reason ?

  8. Fri Jan 20 15:17:07 2017
    R4iscool1 posted in Protecting Your Base.

    If we did as you suggested there would be no where to tp given the amount of people within random tp.

    What you can do is travel far out say 60k blocks by using nether roof travel too get there, you can be pretty safe then if you destroy the portals.

  9. 4 days ago
    Thu Jan 19 19:00:51 2017
    R4iscool1 posted in The Legend of the Banjo.

    We don't unban known hackers period.
    Blackfish was pardoned due to the fact it was very hard to prove that he hacked, the evidence was not conclusive enough to make a truly sound judgement and the negatives of letting a good player and potentially innocent player go was overuled by the very small risk of letting them in.

  10. 5 days ago
    Thu Jan 19 09:29:46 2017
    R4iscool1 posted in CraftyMynes Owner AMA.

    @gilbertboys Are there any things in the future that could cause another reset? What group of people (who play in survival) do you identify most with on the server? What would you say would be your biggest mistake as owner? Who is your favorite mod? Favorite helper? If you could get mojang to add one thing to vanilla survival what would it be? If you could get the noob TP trappers to stop killing noobs would you? What is a group/trend/behavior that you see in the minecraft community that you detest? Who is your favorite minecraft youtuber if you have one? Why do you think there are so little hackers compared to how it was back in 1.8? More constant updates means more out of date clients?

    Sounds like a buzzfeed article.

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