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  1. yesterday
    Fri Jul 20 18:46:58 2018
    R4iscool1 posted in About my ban appeal.

    If you check your appeal we have replied.

  2. 3 days ago
    Thu Jul 19 17:50:42 2018
    R4iscool1 posted in Just Checking.

    The appeal will be answered when the staff are ready, reminding us is not necessary.

  3. Thu Jul 19 12:39:17 2018
    R4iscool1 posted in Commands Issue.

    We won't be switching back and it's not possible anyway without completely remaking the system.

  4. Thu Jul 19 11:46:41 2018
    R4iscool1 started the conversation Commands Issue.

    Currently our new command system and panel experiencing some issues, this is being worked on and will be fixed as soon as possible.

  5. Wed Jul 18 22:47:29 2018

    We don't accept joint appeals, if your friend is too lazy to register then he won't be unbanned.

  6. last week
    Tue Jul 10 22:33:13 2018
    R4iscool1 posted in Crazzybomb Ban Appeal.


    You were banned for xraying directly to a number of chests and ores I planted.
    This appeal is denied, have fun elsewhere.

  7. 2 weeks ago
    Mon Jul 2 17:14:40 2018
    R4iscool1 posted in The future of CraftyMynes!.

    @Valgys I've always thought about this between resets.

    Is it possible for the existing map players to get something that can travel with them to next map? Not their stuff, but like a memento or something. Admin or player item, doesn't matter. But something kind of like a trophy for being around with the item and lore fitting the map version you were in would be nice.

    • Example: randomly colored Shulker box or a compass with Lore: "To our 1.11 and 1.12 explorer"
    • Also would be cool maybe if the map eggs persisted between maps. Owners would hand it over to admin who would generate a new one with the appropriate lore for said owner when they jump on next map.

    Not that admins don't have enough work lol but IMO it'd give a sense of continuity between world resets.

    A shulker would be a big no no.

    However a compass or other similar cheap cosmetic item for each map you have played would be a nice touch with accompanying lore and maybe their name.

    The egg would be nice as well but it'd need to be something restricted to the player, something they are not allowed to trade only for keepsake value.

    These would be a good way

  8. 4 weeks ago
    Mon Jun 18 23:57:16 2018
    R4iscool1 posted in Net Neutrality.

    @_Confederacy_ I don’t think much will change honestly. All it takes us one reliable company to stay on course and all the others will fall in line. Even if things do happen, the internet is a service, not a right.

    Actually the UN passed a motion last year, stating that Internet access is a right.
    One reliable provider isn't enough, however with the patchwork of state laws it probably won't be worthwhile to remove net neutrality in the short run.

  9. 5 weeks ago
    Fri Jun 15 19:07:16 2018
    R4iscool1 posted in snakaii's Ban Appeal.

    You have been pardoned, please make sure to read the rules before rejoining.

  10. 8 weeks ago
    Fri May 25 10:30:39 2018
    R4iscool1 posted in A Modest Proposal.

    If people are going to continue to insult or belittle each other this thread will be closed and those users suspended.

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