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  1. 5 years ago
    Thu Sep 6 23:04:02 2018
    r4iscool1 posted in Nathan11220's Ban Appeal.

    There we go,

    You will be unbanned 24 hours from this post, during this time please refresh yourself on the rules.

  2. Wed Sep 5 19:42:55 2018
    r4iscool1 posted in Nathan112202's Ban Appeal.

    Once again, take the appeal seriously otherwise your forum account may be suspended.
    If you are only trying to not commit offenses then you will not be unbanned.

  3. Wed Sep 5 01:53:39 2018
    r4iscool1 posted in Nathan112202's Ban Appeal.

    If you are going to break the rules again self admittedly then you can stay banned.

  4. Wed Sep 5 01:31:39 2018
    r4iscool1 posted in Nathan112202's Ban Appeal.

    You were banned for breaking the chat rules which you well know.
    Make a serious appeal in the right format and I'll consider unbanning you.

  5. Wed Aug 15 18:30:00 2018
    r4iscool1 posted in Need admin r4iscool help urgent!.

    Issue resolved thead locked.

  6. Sun Aug 12 22:48:37 2018
    r4iscool1 posted in Ban Appeal - Deaner_.

    I'm glad you are sorry for your actions however we do not unban users that dupe under any circumstances.
    Thus you will remain banned.

  7. Thu Aug 9 22:08:42 2018
    r4iscool1 posted in Lavendercoffey's Ban appeal.


    You were banned last year under the name "Katmandoo2016" for Xraying.
    We don't unban hackers, so I'm going to deny this appeal.

    Have fun elsewhere.

  8. Sat Aug 4 19:52:29 2018
    r4iscool1 posted in GEZUS - Ban Appeal, #1?.


    Your appeal was denied last week, the answer is the same, we do not unban hackers under any circumstances.
    Further appeals will result in suspension of your forum account.

  9. Fri Aug 3 13:37:36 2018

    @SharpSerac Wasn't durected to you, just to r4 since he didn't see a problem with opening a browser so I gave him a legitimate issue people have with opening browsers

    If your ram is limited that much then Minecraft itself is going to be near unplayable, there is plenty of low ram usage browsers available as well. So the issue you describe doesn't really exist.

  10. Thu Aug 2 18:31:07 2018

    I really don't see the issue with opening a browser, it's hardly a specialist tool, nearly everyone has one and it provides a lot of functionality that would otherwise be unavailable and we will be able to add to it further. Nothing really impractical about that.

    Which is besides the point there is no alternative anyway other than chat which would ruin any chance of conversation.
    So unless you want to use a system like that then that's the way the system has to be.

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