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    Sun Jan 22 03:56:37 2017
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  2. Sun Jan 22 01:19:49 2017
    BenjoBanjo7 posted in Actual Riddles [Questions].

    @HaloNest That may be correct your translation is hella wrong, the sun is a star first, just because our sun is small it doesn't mean every other star is small.
    The biggest star known is called "canis major is" and it is thousands of times the sun.
    Wrong translation benjobanjo
    Krien also is not used to talk about proper stars in the dragon language
    Plus I don't see the point of creating a composed word when you can just use the dovahzulic word for "star"... "Fil"

    I should've thought about googling it instead of using the translator I had :P it did not want me to think that there was a dovahzul word for star

  3. Sat Jan 21 22:52:23 2017
    BenjoBanjo7 posted in Actual Riddles [Questions].

    @GrinningBobcat @NutjobBob Correct!!! Now this was the translation of the riddle. Merely half the answer found. Now that you understand the riddle what is the answer?

    Mal Krien?
    (little suns)

  4. Sat Jan 21 19:05:08 2017
    BenjoBanjo7 posted in What just happened?.

    @Abbasilol LoL time ! :D (Already played 4 matches xD )

    Lots of Love?

  5. Sat Jan 21 18:50:14 2017
    BenjoBanjo7 posted in Help Me Build A Town.

    If you let me borrow an alt I will help you and be your friend forever.
    And your engineer!

  6. Sat Jan 21 17:18:41 2017
    BenjoBanjo7 started the conversation Keyboard Art.

    I am interested in what people can do with just the things on their keyboard like this:

    (.) *sentry mode activated*
    (-(.)-) *deploying*
    (__o__)< *I don't hate you*

    or this:
    kirby dance

  7. Thu Jan 19 19:53:08 2017
    BenjoBanjo7 posted in CraftyMynes Owner AMA.

    @CraftyMyner Do you ever plan to make another server? and also do you plan to make like a 3 year penalty for hacking? (which is pretty much forever)
    Just a simple question to which I would really like a simple answer.

  8. Thu Jan 19 19:17:56 2017
    BenjoBanjo7 posted in The Legend of the Banjo.

    @Nysic You will not be pardoned :)

    :) ok

  9. Thu Jan 19 18:35:04 2017
    BenjoBanjo7 posted in The Legend of the Banjo.

    @LeoSushi these are harsh, but true. I dont believe any hacker has ever gotten a ban appeal through. sorry dude, it makes a cool story tho.

    Thanks! I think I could have given more detail.
    And I am not giving up!

  10. Thu Jan 19 17:51:51 2017
    BenjoBanjo7 posted in The Legend of the Banjo.

    @HaloNest yea just get off you not coming back cheater

    " "

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