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    Fri Feb 15 12:45:52 2019
    Abbasilol posted in Yelloms' 1.13 Base.

    @Yelloms Got discovered, it always happens. Whoever found it was actually pretty kind as far a greifing goes so I got some final pictures for myself. Now I'm moving on to build another base. Looks like I still need to try harder to hide my builds, but it's part of what I love about this server.

    Thank you all for the comments on these builds, it makes building them and watching them burn totally worth it.


    How, didnt ye build far enough? ppl cant just find builds like dat unless you are not far enough

  2. 2 years ago
    Wed Oct 17 12:00:20 2018
    Abbasilol posted in Clown Sightings.


  3. Sat Jul 7 06:56:01 2018
    Abbasilol posted in Ghost Encounter Stories.

    and i never had strange encounters, they werent strange to me atleast, ez.

  4. Mon Jul 2 11:07:22 2018
    Abbasilol posted in The future of CraftyMynes!.


  5. Thu Jun 28 19:21:26 2018
    Abbasilol posted in Qfu's renovation services.

    lol it would take one hour fer me ter eat a magic meat in arena, Clean kill btw

  6. Wed Jun 27 10:18:15 2018
    Abbasilol posted in Word Association.


  7. Thu Jun 21 13:48:48 2018
    Abbasilol posted in Word Association.

    @Qfu SAD!

    Lmao (its just a reaction)
    Theory >> Relativity

  8. Mon Jun 11 10:35:50 2018
    Abbasilol posted in Hi Guys, Long time no see!.

    @Blackfish_ see you in very soon! :D

    Fuck you

  9. Thu May 24 05:29:21 2018
    Abbasilol posted in A Modest Proposal.


  10. Wed May 23 16:37:43 2018
    Abbasilol posted in iwarriiori's renovation services.

    @Dennari43 @iwarriiori Wrong order. The second one was actually the first one. And there is a third one on the server. The design was from a modded server picture I found. Took a while to rebuild it from just a single pic of only the front view, but I think it came out pretty nice. Oh wait, no. The first one is actually the third one. The one you haven't found is actually the second one. You can see the original one (what you call the second one) isn't even finished, because we left a good month before you ever showed up, and so that one was abandoned. Here is the second one: -image-

    wow dats pretty anyway, nice build dere

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