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    Tue May 30 11:34:49 2017
    CrimsonWing posted in Device Driver Help? .

    So the only one I need atm are the ones for the internet. Because if I have those running I can just update the rest while online.

  2. Tue May 30 01:27:20 2017
    CrimsonWing started the conversation Device Driver Help? .

    So if anyone cares or even vaguely remembers me, I haven't been on in a while. Any who, I'm having some issues with installing the up to date device drivers for my new pc build. I don't have internet access and the other device I use to download files onto a USB and transfer isn't helping. Having issues. If you could help that'd be great.

  3. Tue May 30 01:24:32 2017
    CrimsonWing posted in Bounty on: Rybye.

    What did he do lmao?

  4. Sun Mar 26 15:33:38 2017
    CrimsonWing posted in Age?.

    @CodyJProductions 4 years, 44329 days, 13 hours, 34530 minutes and 1314567924115432 seconds

    and a half

    and three quarters

    me me big boy

    (4 years 44 329 days 13 hours 34 530 minutes) + (1 314 567 924 115 432 seconds) =
    41 657 159 years

  5. Sat Mar 11 18:19:31 2017
    CrimsonWing started the conversation Buying 1 God Pick.

    Sorry to make a whole post about it but couldn't find a relative thread already about it.

    I need one God Pickaxe, EFF 5, UNB 3, MEN, FOR 3.
    If anyone can supply in the next 24 hours I'll pay above price. Max 30 D.

  6. Fri Feb 24 15:49:57 2017
    CrimsonWing posted in bye!!.

    @Abbasilol May the Davy Jones locker be with ya ! :D

    Lmao what??? Bye Ghost, nice knowing you for the time I did. See you.

  7. Mon Jan 30 21:10:39 2017
    CrimsonWing posted in In The Market of The Heavens.

    Just incase I miss you while online, I'd like to place an order for a god set of armour, as well as a god sword.

    -Thank you, regards.

  8. Wed Jan 25 02:47:32 2017
    CrimsonWing started the conversation In The Market of The Heavens.

    I need god armor, (Mending, Prot 4, Unb 3, Respiration 3 Helm, Aqua Affinity Helm and blah blah blah). Don't have the energy to waste on saying exactly what's on it because I don't want to write it up. The purpose of this post being to find someone to sell it to me. Anyone?

  9. Wed Jan 25 02:41:35 2017
    CrimsonWing posted in Elytra Auction.

    O shit lmao idk when ill be able to catch you Hax

  10. 2 years ago
    Sat Jan 21 13:42:11 2017
    CrimsonWing posted in Elytra Auction.


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