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    Sat Jul 7 10:44:23 2018
    CactusOwnage posted in Efficient Code Thread.

    Not like we achieve anything

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    Sun Mar 11 00:36:18 2018
    CactusOwnage posted in do you use a VPN?.

    @humfrydog I'm no expert on this area. But I use Private Internet Access. Its a pretty cheap but also good one in my opinion.
    If you are going for security then you should definitely check your VPN provider to see if the keep logs. You wont be browsing privately at all if the VPN provider keeps logs on you.

    Do not use "Free VPN" things. They just trace you and/or dont protect you at all.

  3. Sat Dec 16 18:37:29 2017
    CactusOwnage posted in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

    Like I said, I'm only interested in cross-play, nothing else of the new version :^)

  4. Sat Dec 16 12:00:28 2017
    CactusOwnage posted in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

    @AttackTeam Just curious, as I've never personally looked into the windows 10 controls, nor played the windows 10 edition, which is from what I understand, compatible with the whole "better together" version family. I am assuming the control setup is similar to java, since it is based on a computer system, or can someone correct me if this is not the case? If this version could get off the ground, it could hypothetically be branched into a larger audience, for those with other systems of choice, ex. switch, PE, etc.. But this is if the controls can be mapped similarly to java edition, to suit those who prefer that kind of control setup, and the Bedrock edition at some point offers identical content, or close to said content, within technical limitations.

    The Minecraft Bedrock Edition is a port from mobile to PC (and other consoles), I think. All platforms have a very mobile looking GUI. And every version has controller and keyboard support. So you can also play with a keyboard on mobile and on console. But its kinda bad from what I've heard.

    @_Haxington_ No.

    That abomination is not worthy of being called Minecraft.
    It has nothing to do with the main game and it is simply a cash grab.
    It is simply pocket edition ported to multiple platforms, nothing more, nothing less.

    Well I guess you're kinda right? I would agree with this statement fully if it didn't have the cross-play feature. And also you are able to get it for free if you already have an account (for now).

    @CraftyMyner I don't use windows and have never played bedrock edition. Right now CraftyMynes Java is a full-time job for without full-time pay on top of my real full-time job. Maybe if it gets a bit bigger, easier to maintain and I get some more time on my hands, I will think about.

    Completely understandable :)

  5. Fri Dec 15 21:51:01 2017
    CactusOwnage started the conversation Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

    So the "new" Minecraft (bedrock edition) is getting a bit more popular and bit better over time. Like one server has around 2000 players more on the Minecraft Bedrock Edition than on the Java Edition. This version allows you to cross play with people on diffrent platforms, such as: Xbox One and Pocket Edition (phone/mobile). This version seems quite popular for console players. Since this is the way Mojang/Microsoft wants to head to, I just want to know if there are any plans for CraftyMynes to also get a server for this version.

    I know that this version is still buggy and is not available for Mac and Linux, and only available in the Windows Store (Windows 10), but still, I would like to know if there are any plans for this "new" version of Minecraft.

    (For people who don't know, you can get a free key for this version on the Mojang website. Somehow they have "temporarily" run out of gift codes, but that's just Mojang.)

  6. Wed Oct 25 15:37:05 2017
    CactusOwnage posted in Why do you play Minecraft ?.

    I wasn't able to punch cacti (cactusses, whatever lol) like I wanted to in real life, without hurting myself. So that's why I'm playing Minecraft.

  7. Mon Oct 16 07:57:40 2017
    CactusOwnage posted in Landsknecht Island Showcase #2.

    So that's what you meant with German names for the your islands :P

  8. Sat Oct 7 17:28:07 2017
    CactusOwnage posted in Wombo Combo!!!.

    It's a hard place here, @minesy.

  9. Thu Oct 5 08:39:19 2017
    CactusOwnage posted in So Today's My Birthday.

    Hartelijk gefeliciteerd
    (Happy birthday)

  10. Tue Sep 26 08:14:27 2017
    CactusOwnage posted in Remove Item Clear.

    He's just triggered that he lost "some" stuff ;)

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