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    Wed Dec 14 04:12:46 2016
    MrStupendous started the conversation Campaign For The Server.

    I think the server needs a little something, people always talk about wanting to go exploring. Well I was thinking, what if we were to design a set of buildings, castles, bunkers, whatever all holding a story that I person can accomplish. I think it would be really cool. Plus it would just add to the servers appeal. What do you guys think? Do you have any ideas? Comment below.

  2. Fri Dec 9 05:54:09 2016
    MrStupendous posted in Ealdwine's General Goods. .

    Good catch. with the dye. lol I like General Goods. Its not that flashy.

  3. Fri Dec 9 05:38:29 2016
    MrStupendous started the conversation Ealdwine's General Goods. .

    What we are selling:
    Wood Stacks: Oak, Spruce.
    Clay: Dark Hardened (Limited Supply)
    Dies: (Please contact if interested)
    Food: (Please Contact if interested)
    other general supplies: Iron, redstone, coal.
    We offer the best prices around. So come one and message us!!!

  4. Thu Dec 8 19:42:06 2016
    MrStupendous posted in Buying Slime.

    @panda1024 If you are interested.

  5. Thu Dec 8 19:39:56 2016
    MrStupendous posted in Buying Slime.

    I will be selling 4 slime balls for 1 iron. 2 slime blocks for 1 diamond.

  6. Sat Dec 3 16:51:27 2016
    MrStupendous posted in So, A New Beginning.

    I was kidding. lol Not that Violent

  7. Sat Dec 3 07:12:51 2016
    MrStupendous posted in Shulker Boxes..

    In the topic of your economy conversation, I would like to put my 2 cents in (A fun econ joke)
    The market is patient and should not cry like some infant in the face of issues or displeasure. Shulker Boxes are a needed and sought after piece of tech on the server. The market should be free and allow for the natural backstabbing between competitors. This generates growth in our server economy and allows growth for the server across the web. So this madness is pointless plus this is just a video game.... which brings me to the next question. Why am I making such a statement about economics and basic information at that about this games economy..... I just trolled myself.

  8. Sat Dec 3 06:46:37 2016
    MrStupendous posted in Lore books..

    I know My position. I will be the lovely Rumpelstiltskin of the server.

  9. Sat Dec 3 06:40:58 2016
    MrStupendous posted in CAW!.

    You know, the Raven group from Bioshock had style.... Maybe go on that route? Just not the racist nor anti Lincoln stuff. I could totally back you up if you had that disappear in a cloud of ravens. It would be quite cool. lol Mod anyone??

  10. Sat Dec 3 06:36:23 2016
    MrStupendous started the conversation WHY EVEN HAVE THE HIDDEN?.

    Why do we allow people to hide their identity on this thing? We keep having "Hackers" that attack and jack up all the fun stuff that we have set up. Anyone ever think it's those people?? Just saying..... Last place I was on someone attacked the tp system. Wanted to go to the nether and ended up in the biggest mess in the middle of a Mesa and I died. Just saying I don't want to face that situation on this server. I like this server. I like my house and collection of the flora and fauna and most of your heads that I buy on the black market. lol

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