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    Wed Feb 22 17:13:57 2017
    Retrochewy posted in Shooting Cave Spiders.

    happens with regular spiders for me too

  2. Wed Feb 22 17:09:11 2017
    Retrochewy posted in New Players.

    oh hey cutebot

  3. last week
    Sat Feb 18 13:25:55 2017
    Retrochewy started the conversation Secsy admitting hax.

    Same explanation as my last report
    Had to take off my tex pk for the last img cuz it makes all armor look similar

  4. Sat Feb 18 11:14:47 2017
    Retrochewy posted in Picking your networking brains.

    @Tez1010 Its windows 8 on the PC and 7 on the laptop. They both come with remote desktop application. When I logged into the PC directly it killed the file sharing from the file browser. I will try some right clicking (context menus) to see if i can kill it from the laptop end. I will have a look at the link too.

    Thanks very much. @Valgys

    upgrade both to windows 10

  5. Fri Feb 17 02:53:53 2017
    Retrochewy posted in Caught Crafty v2.

    @R4iscool1 Yet to be caught:

    CraftyMyner Server Owner
    AP0C4L1P53 Admin
    Blackened_Dawn Admin
    GibsonAxe Admin
    grantbanana Admin
    iclutchHD Admin
    Nysic Admin
    rnc2011 Admin
    ryleeraee Admin
    2Chill Mod Level 2
    CreeperLord170 Mod Level 2
    Dannysharks Mod Level 2
    R4iscool1 Mod Level 2(Gonna win)
    Cellexya Mod Level 1
    Tez1010 Mod Level 1
    Tezzer Mod Level 1
    WBlaine Mod Level 1
    adamblakely2 Helper
    Beedobi Helper
    cepheid Helper
    Kinkybobo Helper
    MizoreShirayuki Helper
    PapaNeon Helper
    Slattern Helper
    Jambalon Helper

    Wall of Shame:
    Venetorem Mod Level 2 (Retrochewy)
    BaronBattleBread Admin (Retrochewy)

    dont think grantbanana still plays on CM anymore

  6. Fri Feb 17 00:40:07 2017
    Retrochewy posted in Resourcepacks!.

    Use CoterieCraft

  7. Fri Feb 17 00:25:05 2017
    Retrochewy posted in Where are you from?.

    @CreeperLord170 Mandarin ≠ Hongkonger btw

    but they sorta match :D

  8. Thu Feb 16 20:35:39 2017
    Retrochewy posted in Caught Crafty v2.

    i also caught gib

  9. Thu Feb 16 01:27:36 2017
    Retrochewy posted in Caught Crafty v2.

    @R4iscool1 I predict this one lasting twice as long and me still emerging victorious.

    I predict not

  10. Thu Feb 16 00:46:11 2017
    Retrochewy posted in Where are you from?.

    @CreeperLord170 No I'm not. I'm Hongkonger.
    Mandarin isn't my first language but at at least it's pronunciation can be written with English charters and not too hard to pronounce compared to my first language lol.

    hey im mandarin!! :D were buddies!!

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