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  1. 2 days ago
    Sat Jun 24 23:15:04 2017
    Retrochewy started the conversation Caught Retrochewy saying goodbye!.

    Ban me pls do not unban me under any circumstances until I post a ban appeal in August
    ty and goodbye!
    Retrochewy said: "Bye"
    Bye server and Nerdie too!

  2. Sat Jun 24 23:13:01 2017
    Retrochewy posted in My Goodbyes.

    Lol I have never met like half of the people that replied

  3. 5 days ago
    Wed Jun 21 23:06:33 2017
    Retrochewy started the conversation My Goodbyes.

    As some of you know already, I will be going on vacation for 2 months starting on June 27th. I will be returning around late August and I hope to see all of you again! BTW clutch feel free to ban me and pardon me over and over again during this time :P Also is it goodbyes or goodbys?

  4. Wed Jun 21 23:04:54 2017
    Retrochewy posted in did i do something wrong?.

    @CraftyMyner Wraps are a bit broken right now, it has to loaded chunks. For best results go to the spawn in the dimension your warp is at first until I can fix the system.

    Uh oh! Who did this to the burritos??? Actually IDC cuz tacos r better

  5. Wed Jun 21 23:03:51 2017
    Retrochewy posted in Lookie what I found!.

    I had a double in the first real base I actually had on this server during the 1.9-1.11 reset

  6. Wed Jun 21 23:01:14 2017
    Retrochewy posted in Story 2.0.

    @MasaruCyri named Frank and Frank hated pink

    Continuing from here cuz Superman screwed it up:
    because it was the color of...

  7. last week
    Thu Jun 15 22:25:27 2017
    Retrochewy posted in particles.

    @Blackened_Dawn The armour stand had nothing to do with it, just an invisible vip+ or higher.

    Jfc, guys.

    /ban Blackened_Dawn Why u ruin it???

  8. Wed Jun 14 20:40:04 2017
    Retrochewy posted in Naidae for Hire!.

    @TheForgotten20 @Retrochewy am i allowed to tp people like aidae into the base?

    Naidae, Pengu, Ina, Tom, Paul2001 r ok, ask for others and i will see

  9. Wed Jun 14 20:38:00 2017
    Retrochewy posted in Story 2.0.

    making the explouds (I think that's a pokemon) start to...

  10. 2 weeks ago
    Mon Jun 12 21:02:38 2017
    Retrochewy posted in ChewyStore.


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