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  1. yesterday
    Fri Aug 18 23:10:36 2017
    Retrochewy posted in PSA to PVP Loggers.

    I thought this thread was about the pvp arena

  2. Fri Aug 18 23:07:16 2017
    Retrochewy posted in Retrochewys ban banana.

    It's August! Unban me as a birthday present´╝čI can't find the new thread button on this iPad...

  3. Fri Aug 18 23:02:43 2017
    Retrochewy posted in Craftymynes forum app.

    Okey I'll try chrome

  4. 4 weeks ago
    Wed Jul 19 08:50:11 2017
    Retrochewy posted in Nerdnation: Applications.

    @NerdieBirdieYT @TheForgotten20 Didn't even have to get through your entire application before it was denied, seeing as it was one big joke hitting on NN.

    @Rybye I'm really confused if you're kidding or not, because you keep bringing this up. XD We obviously are not going to accept you.

    @The3xpertGamer It's a pretty common phrase. Basically it just means "get over it".

    Honestly I think ur trying to act really mature but ur failing

  5. Wed Jul 19 08:47:53 2017
    Retrochewy posted in Nerdnation: Applications.

    @Rybye IGN: Rybye

    Age/Maturity: 12 almost 13

    Discord: Rybye

    Approximate Time on CM: one week

    About Me: I love to build and I'm a great redstoner

    Former Factions: Sky Kin, Snowburn, Stranger's Company (former supreme leader), Katharan Order.

    Why Join NN? I want to join a nice faction that doesn't grief or raid

    Why Should You Be Accepted? I love NerdieBirdies videos xD, featured quite regularly in his CraftyMynes series. I love the idea of a growing faction and would like to contribute to that growth.
    Why should I be accepted: I can be of great assistance, being here a while gives me resouces to utilize.

    Other: boopadoopdoop.

    Xd I thought I were 6

  6. Wed Jul 19 08:44:33 2017
    Retrochewy posted in Craftymynes forum app.

    It would make loading a bit faster cuz it takes a while even on a new iPhone 6 with good wifi

  7. Wed Jul 19 05:31:28 2017

    When I saw the title I thought it said Naidae's ocean love

  8. Wed Jul 19 05:20:29 2017

    The solution is a math problem:
    Village + 100000TNT = Everyone is happy

  9. Wed Jul 19 05:15:00 2017
    Retrochewy posted in Story 2.0.

    That ate Minecraft 1.8.9's

  10. Wed Jul 19 05:13:10 2017
    Retrochewy started the conversation Craftymynes forum app.

    This would make the forum a lot easier to use on mobile devices. Do it for the ppls on vacation!

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