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  1. 3 days ago
    Sat Jan 21 11:05:08 2017
    Retrochewy posted in Villager breeding.

    @TimmyBoyT This is brilliant I've walked the overworld from spawn to edge of the world and beyond and didn't find many librarians. Too many cartographers and nitwits.

    I assume this means If you have a cartographer you can put him in with a zombie to get attacked and become zombie again so you can cure once again and hope for a mending librarian. Isn't there a high likely hood the zombie will actually just kill the cartographer?

    No, it just infects it after killing it, so basically the villager dies, but is reincarnated as a zombie villager, and I'm not an expert on villagers so I think there may be a very small chance, but once I put a zombie into a village in hard mode on a sp world and none of the villagers died from the raid by the zombie.

  2. Sat Jan 21 11:03:44 2017
    Retrochewy posted in Whitelist 1/20.

    Awww... I dont have cookies at home D:

  3. Sat Jan 21 01:03:59 2017

    I bid 64 rose red dye-monds

  4. Sat Jan 21 00:57:44 2017
    Retrochewy posted in Elytra Auction.

    I offer... The power of nothing!!!! Delivered as soon as I receive the elytra

  5. 6 days ago
    Wed Jan 18 00:54:20 2017
    Retrochewy posted in Slimes are not spawning.

    Once Julipukki killed me while fighting a slime together...
    One oops for her

  6. Wed Jan 18 00:50:37 2017
    Retrochewy posted in birthdays! .

    @Venetorem ╭━━━━━☺☺☺☺━━━━━╮
    ╰┻┻┻ⒷⒾⓇⓉⒽⒹⒶⓎ┻┻┻╯ |

    aww... its disoriented

  7. Wed Jan 18 00:47:29 2017
    Retrochewy posted in Temple.

    Worship me- the god of stuff

  8. Wed Jan 18 00:44:12 2017
    Retrochewy posted in Cellexya's Guardian Farm :D.

    @GrinningBobcat Learn ur grammar kid, 12 is plural

  9. 4 weeks ago
    Fri Dec 23 21:06:21 2016
    Retrochewy posted in Soviet's Art Challenge 2.0.

    ugh mine is terrible compared to the others :(

  10. Fri Dec 23 18:58:49 2016
    Retrochewy posted in Final Grades.

    @HaloNest Here's mine:

    Italian: 8/10
    Spanish 10/10
    German: 8/10
    Math: 6/10
    History: 8/10
    Art: 9/10
    Religion: 3/10 I love it
    English: 10/10
    P.E.: 10/10

    rip math

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