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  1. 2 years ago
    Sat Jul 6 08:10:28 2019
    Retrochewy posted in Base Pics !!.

    my base is at spawn, i havent logged on in a few months haha

  2. Sat Jul 6 08:08:14 2019
    Retrochewy posted in waC waC waC.

    yea it was dunmar

  3. Thu Jul 4 12:24:54 2019
    Retrochewy started the conversation waC waC waC.

    anyone remember raven or whatever his ign was?

    also apparently i have the oldest latest non-staff post in one of the pinned threads

  4. Thu Jan 31 00:20:00 2019
    Retrochewy posted in Word Association.


  5. Wed Jan 30 00:47:14 2019
    Retrochewy posted in M-TEC facility tour.

    @iwarriiori are you going to renovate this place?

  6. Wed Jan 30 00:46:01 2019
    Retrochewy posted in Weird Dreams.

    Sort of off topic but how is grant still admin

  7. Wed Jan 30 00:19:49 2019
    Retrochewy posted in Word Association.



  8. Tue Jan 29 03:22:17 2019
    Retrochewy started the conversation Weird Dreams.

    So um i was curious about stuff like this and i have nowhere else to post it so yeah here i am

    I'll start it i guess:
    So this was like when I was in 2nd grade or something. So I go into a restaurant and sit down, then everyone around me turns into dogs and starts to attack me. A while later this guy pops out of nowhere and starts to whack the dogs with a baseball bat. End of dream.

  9. Wed Oct 31 20:30:08 2018
    Retrochewy posted in My time here on CraftyMynes.

    @iwarriiori We miss you Retrochewy! Please come back! ;(

    so you can blow up my base again?

  10. Wed Oct 31 01:27:03 2018
    Retrochewy posted in Word Association.

    child abuse

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