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  1. last week
    Sat Dec 1 21:12:14 2018
    GrandpaCarl00 posted in TomTom900.

    Checking logs won't help since it was a placed down item, plugins are needed for that

  2. 2 weeks ago
    Wed Nov 28 22:39:11 2018

    i'll go ahead and buy the books for a godset yo my man ( no thorns III )

  3. Mon Nov 26 19:59:23 2018

    @Th3GreenGamer Nah, I just always assumed you was busy this time, , though ive been pretty busy myself lately irl so its just very possible I haven't been on when you've been on

  4. Mon Nov 26 16:34:23 2018

    @Th3GreenGamer Still waiting on you

  5. 3 weeks ago
    Thu Nov 22 23:59:44 2018
    GrandpaCarl00 posted in Papayashi's Shop ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

    You're in swagshop too though thonk

  6. Thu Nov 22 23:09:56 2018
    GrandpaCarl00 posted in Papayashi's Shop ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).


  7. Mon Nov 19 19:17:31 2018
    GrandpaCarl00 posted in totems of undying for sale.


    I did mine in the manner that I did simply because I needed DB for orders, so I wasn't going off economy value in the slightest thought kept it reasonable. Totems would defentinally be worth 25db+ individually, though if you only got two keep some for yourself, they're a very rare commodity, but you do you

  8. 4 weeks ago
    Thu Nov 15 20:09:51 2018
    GrandpaCarl00 posted in Mob heads.

    That can't happen in normal vanilla I'm pretty sure but anyone is free to correct me; you need plugins to do that.

  9. 5 weeks ago
    Sun Nov 4 07:55:36 2018
    GrandpaCarl00 posted in Whos been looting us?.

    yea, its basically a death sentence to be living out in RTP for any extended period of time

  10. 6 weeks ago
    Fri Nov 2 16:41:19 2018
    GrandpaCarl00 posted in Get to know you: Pet Pics.

    ooo is that first one a dalmatian? @Fingerbib

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