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    Fri Jul 20 17:30:22 2018
    GrandpaCarl00 posted in About my ban appeal.

    Be patient and let the mods take their time. Reminding doesn't help- they know.

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    Thu Jul 19 00:33:21 2018
    GrandpaCarl00 started the conversation GrandpaCarl00's ingame ban appeal .

    IGN: GrandpaCarl00

    Ban Reason: Failing to report a potential dupe stash

    Why should I be unbanned:

    Perhaps some background information is required first; While on the entire situation I am hazy with specific details, this whole thing and situation happened early last month-several weeks before today- the day of the reset. One day ingame for whatever reason I was asking @Qfu with how many totems he has left after a pretty epic pvp match with iwarriori- with totems being nearly impossible to get ahold of, it was a valid question to ask, which he had 2 left- shortly after that he dm'ed on discord about the potency of the legitimacy of GoldenCookie's ( a banned player for being caught duping) dupe stash and how he had been offered cords and then asked me if I was interested, which apparently, had stacked totems, beacons, and among other valuables.

    I was highly skeptical of its existence, and personally, was not expecting there to be a dupe stash. I talked about this with a very select few players who I knew could trust about this and have personally raise curiosity. I went to the cords provided and there was no dupe stash in the surrounding vicinity, under and above ground- again, the same group of people was made aware of this. Not much more was made out of it afterward and it was only sometime after when it became an issue from logs being shared- Personally, when brought up to me I was heavy, heavily confused at first before I had to think of my actions in the last week after a further discussion, would be told I would be banned the first week of the reset.


    I gave my list of reasons to Dawn, and in short summary- I wasn't thinking much of it all as a concern at that moment since no dupe stash actually existed since I went to check it out on my own accord ( early in the morning after doing an allnighter), I quite literally forgot/did not concern myself about what to do in a situation where dupe stash is being brought into question since on this server at least, happen once a blue moon. However, over the last month to which I had to think over my actions, despite much being human error on my end, I acknowledge the fact that as an old player I should be constantly aware of what to do in a situation such as that no matter time of the day and I should know better on how to react to a situation such as the more quickly, rather than giving the chance for it to sprout into a more icky situation.

    Despite all my known shitposting and memes, logs of the situation or unrelated, and the thing that people don't get to see the more serious and heartfelt side of me often. I truly love this server and it has helped me through some dark times and gave me something to do- I always loved the community here and there's always been a soft spot for craftymynes in my heart and I am very grateful for some of the people here and the fact I came here- I would never intentionally or purposefully harm the server in any shape or form, and over the last month reviewing my mistakes, I would've releaized shortly after the situation and in the case I actually did found items, despite what other things may be seen, I would have definitionally reported the dupe stash for the sake of maintaining economy from true total collapse. Plus, while not related to a dupe, having any form of unlegit items obtained from an exploit, dupe, or whatever- there's no point in keeping it when you guys can track where players have roughly been, inventories, and ender chests- there's no where to hide!

    I will defentinally become a better person, and player, if I am unbanned, this sort of situation will never occur again as I am fully aware of how to properly react ( not casually) in a situation like this and will report it to a mod or other staff member- Real dupe stash or not, and in any case scenario will report to staff.

    I have been very regretful of my actions and remorseful. I have refreshed myself on the rules again for good measure and will do the true right thing next time- I love this server and would never do anything to intentionally harm it. I have never been banned in the past before and have stayed out of muddy waters until now.

    Thank you for reading my appeal.

    ~ Carl

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    Wed Jul 18 07:45:17 2018
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    1.13 Reset

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    @Dice_Boken Dont take my word for it but if we're judging by how the pre-releases drop its usually in the morning EST time, so 1.13 could be the same case

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    I'll take one


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    Tue Jul 17 01:03:35 2018
    GrandpaCarl00 posted in Question for older players.

    I joined in early 2016 but however, I wasn't really active at all. For legit all the time up until the actual reset I was afking at @adamblakely2 's zombie grinder. So 5-6 months on and off? I only became significant somewhat on the server presence wise a little bit before Christmas of 2016 I think. I did way more exploring than building and I think quite possibly could have raided the last few mansions on the server. I got about 6 of them before they went out pass 100k.

    Originally I was settled down in a mega taiga, trying to build a tower, but however, I quickly abandoned the project as If memory serves me correctly, I accidentally let the wrong person TP'ed in and I was quick to relocate- And that's where my super rad mushroom Island came into picture- Quite big, 2 grinders within 100 blocks of each other ( Zombie and Spider) an ocean monument right off the coast, and plenty of jungles and ice biomes nearby. However, most of the time there I had my chests out in the open and never got raided once! I went on several month breaks at a time and simply played smart, however, in the summer of 2017- Around this time I believe was when I essentially pretty much got raided/betrayed by a very specific someone, though I allowed it to happen.

    I was wanting a reset even at that point in time and really gave 0 fucks, I normally don't base with people but I let this person in, and 2 days later after a mixture of various reasons @Rybye was paid to cover it up, and after then I simply went hiatus- I actually was expecting to get backstabbed since I was essentially ''eh why not'' at that point so I wasn't really upset. I was finally trying to build something at that point too

    Now we're here and a lot has happened since then. Since this is going to be the first actual reset I'm going to be active for, I'm not sure what I'm going to be doing yet! I'm finally wanting to start trying to build an actual base, however. As you may have seen I'm eventually planning to start up my shop, though what I'm selling is going to be a secret for now! : ^ )

    Concepts I did in the last 2ish weeks I think

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    GrandpaCarl00 posted in The future of CraftyMynes!.


    In seriousness, @CraftyMyner if everything goes to plan on Mojang's end and it does drop on the 18th, at the end of the timer, I defentinally don't know how it works but how long will it take for the server to transfer from the 1.12 world to the 1.13 one?

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