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  1. 5 days ago
    Mon Oct 15 02:05:26 2018
    GrandpaCarl00 started the conversation Buying Armor, tools, etc.

    Buying a full godset and tools, and elytra. ( No knockback, silk touch for the shovel, axe, and pick- 2 picks btw, one silk one fortune, and no thorns on armor )

    DM me prices

  2. last week
    Thu Oct 11 04:56:26 2018
    GrandpaCarl00 posted in Clown Sightings.

    Have you seen this man?


  3. Wed Oct 10 21:43:22 2018
    GrandpaCarl00 posted in Team Eye Application 1.13 Reset.

    Due to some strong executive decisions, Team Eye has been officially renamed to ''Team Clown''

  4. Sat Oct 6 15:28:50 2018
    GrandpaCarl00 posted in Public Xp farms and grinders.

    lol this will be greifed in less then a week

  5. 2 weeks ago
    Tue Oct 2 15:06:18 2018
    GrandpaCarl00 posted in Word Association.


  6. 8 weeks ago
    Thu Aug 23 16:57:54 2018

    will buy a mending and unb3 book if you may

  7. Thu Aug 23 01:09:47 2018
    GrandpaCarl00 posted in I'm back.


    pizza guild 2018

  8. Tue Aug 21 18:05:38 2018

    @alarmgv12 holy shit this is dank was this in blender?

  9. 2 months ago
    Sat Aug 18 17:10:26 2018
    GrandpaCarl00 posted in Uh, random death? .

    That's weird; I legit left the game in air via elytra so I have no idea how that could've happened, I have died to phantoms previously but I hadn't really dealt with them yesterday; Are you sure this was last night? I didn't go afk

    What makes it, even more the stranger that I was automatically respawned and not shown the respawn/go back to title screen thingy

    I'm out of my mind confused rn

  10. Sat Aug 18 12:19:12 2018
    GrandpaCarl00 started the conversation Uh, random death? .

    So this morning I've just logged on to found out that I died, however, I was not presented with the respawn screen and back at my .home and I have absolutely 0 recollection of ever dying.

    The last time I logged out I was flying to another woodland mansion; I was getting relatively in closer range to the location of such and I was flying at roughly 800-1.3k blocks in the air or somewhere around that range, more so the reason I do that is I can go afk for a short time and not constantly be watching the screen to make sure I don't ram headfirst into the ground, I've logged out before at this altitude with no repercussions before and suddenly this happens, when I was flying last night and still high up in the air, I decided that I wanted to go to sleep so I log out of the game, close my laptop, and call it night.

    Even now I just woke up and i'm very drowsly typing this up; I legit have no idea how I randomly died and I only found this out now- Please help! the only idea I could think at from such an altitude from logging out either a bug went into action that didn't happen previously, or the game didn't process the fact I left until much later, both with has never happened to me before

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