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  1. 3 months ago
    Wed Apr 24 06:37:03 2019
    GrandpaCarl00 posted in First claimed 1.14 mansion.

    i'll add the date and timestamp later but nonetheless, we got em'

  2. Wed Apr 24 06:35:52 2019
    GrandpaCarl00 started the conversation First claimed 1.14 mansion.



  3. Mon Apr 22 11:24:13 2019
    GrandpaCarl00 posted in Underwater pvp areana.

    Sounds lit

  4. Mon Apr 22 11:22:02 2019
    GrandpaCarl00 posted in CraftyMynes and 1.14.

    here's the real question

    1.8 bridges?

  5. 4 months ago
    Sun Apr 21 01:49:27 2019
    GrandpaCarl00 posted in 1.14.

    @Idotrytotry CM will 100% be updating to 1.14, but if we're going to be doing any sort of map reset is another story all together; it'll be announced before 1.14 drops though.

  6. 5 months ago
    Fri Mar 15 00:30:44 2019
    GrandpaCarl00 posted in Cloud9 / CraftyMuseum.

    CheesyPeasy? Haven't seen him on in ages. Is everything ok with him?

    If you can I'd love to see WIP screenies of the museum.

  7. Wed Mar 6 20:35:42 2019
    GrandpaCarl00 posted in Partial Reset.

    Will the partial reset function like the old one? / you have to go to a specific chunk in this amount of time in order to preserve it, or new chunks all together will overwrite the old ones?

  8. Wed Mar 6 20:32:29 2019
    GrandpaCarl00 posted in Peaceful rank.

    I find most of this nonsensical TBH, people can change allegiances all the time, and many players who claim to be ''peaceful'' isn't against in participating in specific activities; and it is very easy to mole with this- there's way too much to trouble with going through something like this, and fully knowing who's ''peaceful'' or whatever takes the fun and mystery out of vanilla servers- you're not supposed to know who's 100% trustful, or who isn't; vanilla is all about taking risk and I feel like this would take away from that.

    Fair reminder that CM is a griefing and raiding server, which is something people seem to forget. You don't need something to hold your hand.

  9. 6 months ago
    Sat Feb 16 00:38:56 2019
    GrandpaCarl00 posted in Yelloms' 1.13 Base.


    it's likely one

    if you haven't been keeping a close eye on things lately major bases left and right has been getting raided and grefied lately

  10. Wed Feb 13 04:43:16 2019
    GrandpaCarl00 posted in Craftymynes Merch store. We need it..

    when was the last time u played

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