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  1. 9 months ago
    Fri Jul 3 20:36:42 2020
    Pwnanite posted in Morality poll.

    No I wouldn't.
    But I personally wouldn't trust anyone on a multiplayer MC server to be anywhere near anything i was making lol.

  2. 10 months ago
    Sun May 24 06:44:24 2020

    No thats cool @CraftyMyner I was just curious, I genuinely appreciate you taking the time to respond.
    And Louis is right it does all sound pretty awesome.
    Hope you get the chance to work on that some time.
    Lord knows some times life is just too busy for us to do what we want to.

  3. Thu May 21 02:21:40 2020

    "I'm restructuring a lot of the services that make up CraftyMynes, I hope to add more functionality to the Player Panel soon."

    is what i was referring to, was curious about the Player Panel.
    *Genuinely just curious if thats still gonna be a thing, or if maybe i misunderstand what the term player panel refers to. Not trying to stir up a bees nest here lol*

  4. 11 months ago
    Wed May 20 22:59:38 2020

    So about this Player Panel, is it a thing already that I cant find? or is still a work in progress?

  5. last year
    Tue Mar 31 18:06:29 2020
    Pwnanite posted in VIP Lounge /Crafting Area .

    I'm guessing this means we wont be world resetting soon for nether update?
    (if so this pleases me)

  6. Mon Mar 9 19:26:58 2020
    Pwnanite posted in What happened?.

    Fractions tend to kill the populous off.
    Why would people stick around with groups of people dedicated to finding and destroying their builds? lol
    Also its so close to the wipe none of us feel motivated to waste time not knowing if our creations will persist.
    Just my thoughts.

  7. Sun Sep 1 07:02:54 2019

    Where did the Control Panel on the forum go?

  8. Sun Aug 18 19:13:45 2019
    Pwnanite posted in .wild range? .

    as vip/vip + I haven't managed to wild past 3k lol

  9. Mon Aug 12 05:40:24 2019
    Pwnanite posted in Base Pics !!.

    Just noticed the grandfather clock... nice touch lol

  10. Mon Aug 12 05:36:25 2019
    Pwnanite posted in Word Association.

    Copy pasta

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