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    Tue Oct 13 00:17:48 2020
    AndrewNg posted in New Word Association.


  2. 2 weeks ago
    Fri Oct 9 17:34:06 2020

    mittins for mod

  3. 3 weeks ago
    Sun Oct 4 17:26:59 2020

    @IRON5 please approve of my app

    Application accepted! Welcome to Team Eye!

  4. Sun Oct 4 17:25:57 2020
    AndrewNg posted in New Word Association.
  5. 7 weeks ago
    Thu Sep 3 22:03:33 2020

    @hekmo Minecraft username: hemko

    Age: Half as old as I'd like to be but less than half as old as half of what I deserve.

    1 Do you have Discord and a functioning mic?: Yes I have this cord and a working Mike.

    2 When did you first join CraftyMynes?: 1.17 Bears Update

    3 What is your tick count?: 36 on a good day

    4 How experienced are you in PVP?: Yes

    5 How do you like to play the game?: I log in for 36 ms each day and move half a block.

    6 Tell us about the team eye members (anything you already know, or general information about hobbies etc.): Playing Minecraft

    7 Why do you want to join?: Why is it that you think I should join?

    8 What skills do you bring to the table?: Not getting banned from the server or discord. Interior decorating.

    9 On a scale of 1 to 10, how well do you think Team Eye curb stomps the server? And what do you think you have that can bring that number up?: I have 3 diamonds that I can use to double TeamEye's number of diamonds.

    10 Do you have any affiliation with other factions?: BorkGang, Teami, Bird Nation, Specific Valley, Felix Rising, Teem Ai, Quint1, Brickish Empire, Team Aye

    You may also comment below if you have questions about the application or the faction.
    Petition to officially change the name to iTeam.

    Application accepted! Welcome to Team Eye!

  6. 2 months ago
    Mon Aug 10 23:31:20 2020

    iwarriiori is smelly

  7. Wed Aug 5 21:11:20 2020
    AndrewNg posted in Selling iwarriiori's head.

    @WBlaine I’ll buy. 1db

    you have a deal. meet at x 58763 z -13598 at 3 am UTC+08:00?

  8. Fri Jul 31 20:37:28 2020
    AndrewNg posted in Selling iwarriiori's head.

    @SeverusSn1pe Fake

    can confirm, @iwarriiori is a fake!

  9. Wed Jul 29 15:31:44 2020

    @CraftyMyner Integrated GPU or no OpenGL 4.5 support?

    I have Intel UHD Graphics 620, I'm pretty sure it has the latest OpenGL but I'm not sure (last I checked it was 4.4 but I could be mistaken).

  10. 3 months ago
    Sun Jul 26 02:56:08 2020

    I have the Inspiron 5500 ( ), and I'm not seeing too much of an increase.

    Any idea why? @deyahruhd

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