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    Sun May 5 13:26:04 2019
    enderGuy255 posted in A&C Global Co. shop.

    [+] God Tools & Weapons :
    - Diamond Pick : [Eff V, Unb III, Mending, Fortune III OR Silk Touch] : 20 diamonds individually

    sign me up for 2 god picks: one silk and one fortune.

  2. Sun May 5 12:43:30 2019
    enderGuy255 posted in Enchanted Stuff For Sale.

    If you still have them, are your god picks with silk touch or fortune?

  3. Sat May 4 06:42:24 2019

    Thank you all for the information.

  4. Fri May 3 19:41:00 2019

    @CraftyMyner Hey, trying to fix this for the next guy, did it say anything when you ran ".fixrank"?

    It said "your rank has been fixed," but it turns out that the issue only occurs at spawn. When I TP away, my rank goes back to normal. Thanks to Tez1010 as well for fixing it yesteday.

    PS: Sorry for the late response, I'm in a different time zone and don't check the web during the day.

  5. Thu May 2 17:40:57 2019
    enderGuy255 started the conversation Had [VIP] earlier today, am now squabble.

    Hello, a staff member with the username JAKSATTACK told me to post here, and so I am.
    But a few hours ago, I came on the server and found myself rankless, even though I'd purchased VIP previously. With the staff's help, I returned to my VIP rank from the squabble. Now, as I logged on, my rank was missing again, and the command ".fixrank" did nothing to help. Anyone who has executive/moderator power over the ranks, could you please assist? Thank you.

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    Sun Mar 5 12:44:24 2017
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