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    @Tez1010 @humfrydog @Valgys

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    i nominate @CodyJProductions bc he is the nicest dude

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    Damn this is a shady racket lol. Just like the mafia, pay us for protection.

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    Video briefly summarizing this successful raid. Long Live the King!

    amazing lol

  7. Mon Nov 6 17:41:47 2017

    Aye use Elytra and rockets, turn hud off with F1 or something am i right?

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    _Yul started the conversation _Yuls Staff Application.

    In Game Name: _Yul
    Age: 24
    Time Zone: GMT

    I have read the rules on many occasions and always mention in chat to warn other players when I notice them breaking the rules. I also understand why these rules have been implemented and I generally agree chat on the server should be kept to Minecraft only. I have played Minecraft for the last 6 years and I am proud saying I am an efficient and skilful builder when working on medieval designs. I enjoy helping other players with their own builds and have frequently been asked to help with getting the correct look and style. I am a generous and helpful player and always aim to help new players with advice or extra resources to help them on their way.


    In the past I have contributed to controversial chat topics without directly breaking the rules. I understand this is not appreciated by staff and I am now keeping way out of any topics that breach any rules.

    I can sometimes have too much empathy.

    Why you are Applying:

    I have been across many servers searching for the right community. Finding CM was perfect for me and after gaining years of Minecraft experience I’d like to try my hand at a Helper role. I have always reported rule breakers through the serverplz command in the past and would like to contribute further by keeping the server chat calm and relaxed, and safe for all. I am also in a British time zone and often find there are no staff available during my playing hours.

    Time Played on CraftyMynes (ticks): 26208748 (at time of application)

    Custom Note (optional):

    Thanks for the fun times so far. Hope the server is here forever.

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