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    Wed Jun 28 05:06:35 2017
    The3xpertGamer posted in papa neon.

    @Blackened_Dawn Sure go ahead it won't change my warning that if you keep insisting on shortening your ban I'll extend it

    @bon24 suhhhweeeettt

    @bon24 what part of that did you not read?

  2. 2 hours ago
    Wed Jun 28 02:47:52 2017
    The3xpertGamer posted in My failed expedition.

    It was from a CraftyCrate, they have lots of random loot. VIP+s get them once every month

  3. Wed Jun 28 02:46:29 2017
    The3xpertGamer posted in My failed expedition.

    @NerdieBirdieYT Woah how did you get that o.o

    A chest appeared underneath me. Like I said, it is strange because it was not above my head, to me it just
    seems that it would be more likely for a random chest to appear above than below me.

  4. 5 hours ago
    Wed Jun 28 00:19:24 2017

    By god armor do you mean a full set? If that's the case, then I'll buy a set.

  5. Tue Jun 27 23:26:42 2017
    The3xpertGamer started the conversation My failed expedition.

    I'm kind of bored right now...
    Today, I found a strange chest appear under my feet.
    This was strange, because I always thought that random chests would appear above my head.
    In it, I found a lot of strange stuff. One of the things I found was a compass.
    I thought it would be a good idea to see where it leads, so I decided to go on an expedition to see where it points to.
    Here are some photographs of my expedition:
    A snowy biome
    Stepping off a cliff
    Looking at a swamp biome
    Realizing that it leads to spawn, and that it was actually an overpowered potato.

  6. 11 hours ago
    Tue Jun 27 18:24:51 2017
    The3xpertGamer posted in Fastest way to get xp.

    There is no need to make to threads about the same thing...

  7. yesterday
    Tue Jun 27 00:54:58 2017
    The3xpertGamer posted in Same.

    Uh what?

  8. Mon Jun 26 19:01:16 2017
    The3xpertGamer posted in Pizza Guild.

    @Jaxaarr IGN: Jaxaarr
    Age: No Comment
    Strengths: None
    Weaknesses: Get bored easily
    Self-evaluation of building skills: I suck at building
    Self-evaluation on villager breeding knowledge (Because I need help): Not bad, got 15+ vilager and a couple of good trades
    Self-evaluation of redstone knowledge: It takes up box space
    Ticks on CraftyMynes: (There is no minimum for this either, it just helps me evaluate how much you know about the server) 5288807
    Why you want to join: I like pizza
    Anything else:

    It has been accepted. Just don't expect too much at first from the faction though. Our base is very ugly.

  9. Mon Jun 26 17:52:44 2017
    The3xpertGamer posted in Pizza Guild.

    @0ptimore IGN: 0ptimore (with a zero, not an O)
    Age: 18
    Strengths: Chill, Verbose, Paranoid, Resistant to grinding boredom
    Weaknesses: Cowardly, Paranoid, easily stalled in minecraft progression (see weakness #1)
    Building: Basic architect/guide-reading skills
    Breeding: I know nothing whatsoever
    Redstone: little knowledge but I know basic programming (it's similar, right?)
    Why you want to join: MC is better with friends
    Other: Loves Domino's

    Your application has been accepted.

  10. Mon Jun 26 16:58:06 2017
    The3xpertGamer posted in Witty sword name ideas!.

    This thread was dead over half a year ago...

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