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  1. 8 hours ago
    Sun Aug 20 05:26:53 2017
    The3xpertGamer posted in Upcoming CraftyMynes YouTube STREAM!.

    You might want something already covering up where coords would be if you press f3

  2. 17 hours ago
    Sat Aug 19 20:35:17 2017
    The3xpertGamer started the conversation Buying a totem.

    Buying a totem of undying, paying 20 diamond blocks.

  3. yesterday
    Fri Aug 18 17:20:49 2017
    The3xpertGamer posted in the nacho shop .

    I'll buy the notch apple

  4. Fri Aug 18 17:09:04 2017
    The3xpertGamer posted in The3xpertGamer's Shop.

    Added extremely cheap diamond armor, diamond swords and diamond pickaxes with random enchantments and updated the availability of items.
    Also added gold, diamond, emerald and iron trading.

  5. Fri Aug 18 16:49:41 2017
    The3xpertGamer posted in The3xpertGamer's Shop.

    @alarmgv12 dude, up your price of the elytra for 4db or more
    shulker boxes sell at 1 db usually so I would say 3-4 diamonds per shell
    and I would say dragon heads should be the same price as the elytra cause both of them are equally hard to get.
    your prices are kinda low, you will attract a bunch of people with your offer but you can still make some extra diamonds without losing buyers

    That probably will not work, I have not seen any player sell these for more than I do in a long time.

  6. Fri Aug 18 16:47:47 2017
    The3xpertGamer posted in The3xpertGamer's Shop.

    I didn't update the items that I have because no one was buying anything, I'll try to do that now

  7. 2 days ago
    Thu Aug 17 22:30:36 2017
    The3xpertGamer posted in Fastest way to get xp.

    If anyone needs to get far out in the end they can tpa to me, I have a warp over 85k away from spawn in the end.

  8. 3 days ago
    Thu Aug 17 00:14:46 2017
    The3xpertGamer posted in Pizza Guild.

    @minesy IGN:minesyecraft

    Age: 13

    Strengths: raiding, mining, exploring, eating pizza

    Weaknesses: it's hard for me to finish a build if I don't like it

    Self-evaluation of building skills: if I am being honest, if I am just building to building it turns out bad. but if I am making a project it turns out really good

    Self-evaluation of redstone knowledge: not very good. but if I am getting a tutorial it comes out pretty well.


    why I want to join: I really like being in faction's and having a community with me

    History with other factions: I was apart of NN until I was kicked because every one thought I leaked coords to there bases. ( even though I did not ) so then I am left faction less for 3 weeks now.

    Time zone and when you are usually online: on week days I am on 7am to 9am then back on at 4 pm to 8:30 pm. on week ends I am on 6am to 9:30pm. my time zone is central America.

    anything else: I love pizza and like to build and raid in Minecraft.

    weight: idk

    Sorry, but this application is currently denied.

  9. Wed Aug 16 16:41:49 2017
    The3xpertGamer posted in Pizza Guild.

    @TheForgotten20 oi i joined y am i not on the list

    It's been a month since there has been any activity here, so I didn't update it until now

  10. 4 days ago
    Tue Aug 15 22:08:56 2017
    The3xpertGamer posted in Buying Elytra for up to 6 Diamond Blocks.

    I'll sell you 3 for 6 diamond blocks

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