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    Fri Dec 1 00:17:15 2017
    The3xpertGamer posted in CraftyMynes YouTube Series!.

    @NerdieBirdieYT Grand idea !

    @TimeKing297 The issue with yours was that it wasn't advertised far enough in advance, nor was it advertised enough. Well, that and you let literally everyone come (if I have the correct event in mind).

    I do like that idea, and it could be fun for the future!

    He did not let everyone come, you are thinking of a different event. He only invited some players that he trusted, including me. Also, the event was advertised in advance. I think the most recent event is the one that you are thinking of, and I think that that was run by DoppyRex.

  2. 7 months ago
    Fri Nov 3 20:49:32 2017
    The3xpertGamer posted in Timeline .

    @MisterChris717 Hello fellas. As someone who has played on this server for about a year and some months. I was wondering "What happen before i played on this server?"

    Did you use alts?

  3. Fri Nov 3 03:08:06 2017
    The3xpertGamer posted in An Open Poll.

    I just had a really bad day in my algebra class, but then I read the responses to this and now I feel better.

  4. Sat Oct 28 04:03:50 2017
    The3xpertGamer posted in NerdNation's 6-Month Anniversary.

    Either NerdNation has been on other servers or it is only 4 months old

  5. Fri Oct 27 23:40:00 2017
    The3xpertGamer posted in I'm still alive.


  6. Fri Oct 27 23:38:53 2017
    The3xpertGamer posted in Harvestar Showcase: Savannah Base.

    @SharpSerac this isn't a fucking law lmao, let's entertain that idea though, since they are on the server they have no reasonable expectation of privacy therefore you are not obligated to censor usernames

    but since this is a minecraft server it was pointless

    I thought it would be obvious that I was joking

  7. Fri Oct 27 22:48:04 2017
    The3xpertGamer posted in Harvestar Showcase: Savannah Base.

    @HaloNest Then why am I not in jail already?

    It is because if you look at a username sideways or upside down, it creates a different image.

  8. Fri Oct 27 22:42:22 2017

    I'm not a fan of mazes in general, although this maze was more interesting than most others because all of the different levels were made differently than the rest, when most mazes are the same design repeated for the entire thing.

  9. Fri Oct 27 22:34:37 2017
    The3xpertGamer posted in Harvestar Showcase: Savannah Base.

    @SharpSerac no reason to bump it, if it doesn't get attention then it doesn't get attention.

    also why do you censor names lol we already have a list of all your members, not too hard to look at past skins as well to find out who they are

    Showing their names would be an invasion of privacy. It is not right to show a player's online minecraft username that the whole server can see without the owner's consent.

  10. Fri Oct 27 22:29:46 2017
    The3xpertGamer started the conversation I'm still alive.

    I am aware that the majority that is reading this does not care, although it has become apparent to me that some players think that I have quit the server. I have came to this conclusion because it seems like someone blew up part of my super smelter in my base, and it is hidden underground so it appears that it was someone who I had invited to my base.
    Another thing that I have noticed is that my head display is missing it's heads, although I may have done this myself and moved them although I can't remember.
    I have not quit the server, I just have started school and have a lot of homework, so I do not have time to spend on CraftyMynes. I do play on some other servers, although this is because I need a lot of time to do projects on CraftyMynes, and I quickly lose interest in large projects if I do not get them done quickly. I will be more active when I find more time.

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