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    Sat Jan 9 02:39:30 2021
    Jards2 posted in Items Sold to Hackers.

    Seems it's staff discretion. I had sold something to a hacker and he was caught like an hour after, but I wasn't required to return anything even though he bought for an inflated price. I offered too. This map btw

  2. Thu Nov 5 02:19:16 2020
    Jards2 posted in Cats or Dogs.

    I think the real question is how dumb my lizard is, as he tried to eat a penny he found the other day.

  3. Wed Nov 4 02:19:13 2020

    Could you remove all of the extra periods you added? They make this hard to read.

  4. Fri Oct 30 01:35:14 2020
    Jards2 posted in Pretty Colors!.


  5. Mon Oct 19 14:23:02 2020
    Jards2 posted in New Word Association.


  6. Thu Sep 17 14:23:18 2020
    Jards2 posted in God Gear pt. 1.

    @Kryoclast Keep in mind that enchanting only with the books will prevent you from getting all the enchants on some pieces, like boots, they are supposed to hold 7 enchants

    I don't plan on putting soul speed on every one, but I may do that at some point.

  7. Thu Sep 17 14:14:50 2020
    Jards2 posted in God Gear pt. 1.

    I got one too ryan.

  8. Thu Sep 17 01:46:04 2020
    Jards2 started the conversation God Gear pt. 1.

    So, a little while ago I had the idea to make a double chest of every piece of fully enchanted netherite gear/tool. I just finished the first step of getting the 48 double chests of enchanted books and I wanted to show it off.

  9. Wed Aug 26 01:59:57 2020

    bad taste

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