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    Mon Sep 11 22:07:48 2017
    iclutchHD posted in simo_messi ban Appeals.

    Since this is the first offense you will be pardoned in 1 day. Take the time to read the rules so you don't end up here again.

  2. 2 weeks ago
    Sat Sep 2 17:16:13 2017
    iclutchHD posted in Word Association .


  3. 3 weeks ago
    Sat Aug 26 16:41:36 2017
    iclutchHD posted in MaggiAusDaKanns Ban Appeal.

    You were warned and kicked several times over the past few days by our staff. Please take the time to read the rules here . I understand that it may be hard to overcome the language barrier but if you are unsure if something is against the rules please do not say it. Thank you.

    You will be unbanned tomorrow

  4. 5 weeks ago
    Wed Aug 16 04:34:19 2017
    iclutchHD posted in A Survey.

    @Cileklim They can't manipulate the whole survey unless they have like 100 alts, this idea minimizes manipulation from all sides imo.

    I have over a dozen alts, somebody like me can manipulate easily to the way i want the results. And i have a VPN that i can connect to from over 50 countries.

  5. Mon Aug 14 23:54:46 2017
    iclutchHD posted in Opinions -- Grassling and More.

    @NerdieBirdieYT @R4iscool1 Regarding the Grassling situation, it was not "abuse" using the first names of staff members. Grassling mentioned he knew that staff was called by first names by other players.

    He was asked to stop referring to staff members by the first names and he kept doing it. He already had prior warnings.

    @NerdieBirdieYT Whether his ban was fair or not is not the point. It's what he said after his appeal in the deleted thread (which included nothing breaking rules, so why remove it in the first place? it was a locked thread anyways) that connects to this community. Many, MANY players have left because of rude staff or pointlessly strict enforcement of rules.

    It was moved to a private dead section we have. It is just cluttery so we move it there.
    Regarding the rude staff how are you so sure that they aren't being rude as well. I'm not going to have our staff get told off because "the customer is always right." While we do take your guys inputs and stuff into consideration, it is not right to have people say their way is the right way. If you have a problem with rude staff you can take it up to me or any other administrator. If you have a problem with one of the administrators then go ahead and take it to Crafty. Over the past few years as admin I have pulled over staff and tell them to change their attitudes toward players. It is literally part of my responsibility to shape them into the way we want our staff to be.

    @NerdieBirdieYT But to say that staff's enforcement of rules and general demeanor is NOT an issue to the community at large is blindness. I've been here for three months and it's blatantly obvious to me and most of the playerbase here.

    Three months is a short time period to make such an assumption. The way we enforce rules can be tricky at times because there is grey areas sometimes that we have to cover. If we had to think of every scenario we had to be in it would be impossible. People will always try to find loopholes in the rules.

    @NerdieBirdieYT Please do not give me the crap of "What should we do? Offer cookies to hackers?" and the like when I am being mature, honest, and allowing for community input on a big issue on CM. I'm not saying we abolish the rules. As for a solution, well, that's why this thread is public, because I am not intelligent enough to come up with a perfect solution on my own.

    Going back to the rudeness you mentioned at staff. As I bolded above is that not being rude? Is it right that you guys think it is okay to be rude?

    *This part was meant to be bolded right here, doesn't bold in quotes*

    Please do not give me the crap

  6. 6 weeks ago
    Fri Aug 4 18:52:12 2017
    iclutchHD posted in I can't get on the server?.

    You updated to the newest jar, the server hasn't updated to the 1.12.2 server jar yet. Revert back to 1.12 to be able to play again

  7. 7 weeks ago
    Thu Aug 3 22:33:00 2017

    Looks pretty badass I like it

  8. Mon Jul 31 05:34:16 2017
    iclutchHD posted in BANNED for saying RETARDED....

    I know who you are, you should know the rules. You should know it isn't allowed.

  9. Mon Jul 31 05:02:10 2017
    iclutchHD posted in Staff Communication.

    What? Who ever would have thought completely different people would disagree with each other. I thought all of us thought the same way

  10. 8 weeks ago
    Thu Jul 27 18:42:15 2017
    iclutchHD posted in JMANN240's Ban Appeal.

    You say that you were unaware that xray is not allowed but what would make you think it would be allowed in the first place? The clear advantage over other players. Ignorance does not justify what you did. If you did genuinely enjoy it then why did you throw it away? This appeal is denied.

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