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  1. 2 months ago
    Fri Dec 15 17:04:43 2017
    iclutchHD posted in Word Association .


  2. Wed Dec 13 23:10:33 2017

    Maybe if team eye excluded @SharpSerac 3 would be true. Same with 10

  3. Wed Dec 6 20:38:11 2017
    iclutchHD posted in FOR THE ADMINS!.

    Oh I believe we made the right choice in banning a piece of toxic shit like you from the server. Go cry elsewhere , your wailing will do you no good.


  4. Tue Dec 5 02:37:49 2017
    iclutchHD posted in UCxMadara's ban appeal.

    This is vanilla kid, we can't /ban IGN <Time>. Also not a proper ban appeal

  5. 3 months ago
    Sat Nov 11 22:15:24 2017
    iclutchHD posted in Ban Appeal-Croquer.

    I don't understand how you didn't think we would figure out it was you. You joined the discord on your oolfa account first on accident, you then join a mimute later on your new one. Later the same day I joined a different server with another player which we said we would on discord voice chat. You went on Croquer for a bit. Minutes later you left discord , left the server , and came back on oolfa. You coincidentally also know who some 1.9 players are, talk the same way, and share the same matching ips.
    You are never going to be welcomed back.

  6. Thu Oct 26 01:34:19 2017
    iclutchHD posted in Why do you play Minecraft ?.

    I enjoy passing time with friends I've made over the years on this game. Whether its on this server or another one.

  7. Wed Oct 25 21:58:13 2017
    iclutchHD posted in Can i get unbanned?xd.

    @minesy if you try to impersonate staff again I will suspend your account.

  8. Tue Oct 24 23:28:54 2017
    iclutchHD posted in Autist69's Ban Appeal.

    Hello i am the administrator who banned you. Considering it was a chat offense it will be a 1 day ban. However your current IGN does not comply with the rules. You will only be pardoned if you change it.

  9. 4 months ago
    Sun Oct 8 21:21:16 2017

    @PapaNeon all Decent tips, except this one. Blowing out the dust, yes. NEVER vacuum out your computer. it creates negative pressure, which results in static electricity which can damage or outright fry your computer's motherboard.

    This. Never vacuum out. Only blow it out.

  10. Sat Oct 7 05:48:14 2017


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