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    Tue Aug 11 10:04:31 2020
    Turf357 posted in Polly wants a cracker v2.

    @Slainte_Alainn lol... wtf is “Polly wants a cracker v2”?

    Its a special item. I found one recently in a chest, very good find.

  2. Tue Aug 11 10:01:09 2020

    @Unconstrained iwarriiori is smelly


  3. Sun Aug 9 05:34:47 2020

    @Schlocked you assume that he would betray the ORIGINAL patriot of craftymynes, and we patriots do not betray each other

    I am too a patriot. As a patriot, I respect other patriots, which is why this post was made. Out of respect for warrior's wishes. I never thought a patriot would betray another patriot by killing them. SAD!

  4. Sun Aug 9 03:06:22 2020

    Deya just think, after this YOU can be the most beloved and loyal patriot. Also it has nothing to do with patriotism and everything to do with Warrior wanting to be cancelled :>

  5. Sun Aug 9 01:48:58 2020
    Turf357 posted in New Word Association.


  6. Sun Aug 9 01:26:09 2020
    Turf357 started the conversation It's Time #iwarriioriisoverparty.

    The Time Has Come to Cancel iwarriiori for his Treacherous Deeds

    A disclaimer for this thread: I do not in any way intend to disrespect/excessively attack (as stated in the rules ) iwarriiori in this thread or in the future. I am simply doing what was requested of him as you will see from future cited evidence. I will also be referring to iwarriiori as "Warrior" in this thread.

    Morality poll

    On June 28th, 2020, the member called "deyahruhd" asked a question to all CraftyMynes members willing to participate. The Morality poll asks "If someone was going out of their way to assist you, offering to do whatever they could for you, would you kill them?". Many of the responses were along the lines of 'no I would not', including that of the player named "iwarriiori". He states "If I needed help and someone was willing to assist me in any way they could, I would most definitely not kill them. It would be a scummy thing for me to betray and take advantage of them like that. But if i were to do that, i should be be called out and held accountable for being a scumbag and should be canceled." So here we are, holding him accountable for being a scumbag and cancelling him.
    Morality poll response by iwarriiori.

    The Lies of a "Changed" Man

    He claims to have changed, but here is the story of how the KillerMyner ended my life. Fast forward to August 6th. iwarriiori, myself, and a few others are hanging out in a discord call as we do. He is playing on the CraftyMynes minecraft server, and he's looking for brown mushrooms for potions or something of the like. He recalls that there is a roofed forest nearby the endportal on the surface where he can find large brown mushrooms and chop them down with an axe, but he doesn't know how to get there from the Nether. This is where I come in. I come to the nether spawn to be a nice guy and show Warrior the way to the portal. I tell him the directions and turns he has to take to get to the nether portal without going out of nether spawn, and I also mention that I can help collect some brown mushrooms for him if he wants. When he gets to the portal, it is broken so he has to go back home to retrieve a flint and steel. When I see that he leaves to go back home, I fly to the staircase, and I pass a Skeppy face. I mention something about it which he responds with something similar to "Oh you're in the wild?", which he stated at a later time was supposed to be a subtle hint to not be in the wild. When I reach the top of the staircase, I turn right instead of left at the T because I am still weary of him as a player. Then I stay behind a corner, where I would still be able to see him fly up to the staircase where my plan was to wait for him to go through the portal first.
    My view from the top of the nether staircase.
    However, this plan to stay safe didn't quite work out for me. He flies directly towards me, but I didn't think much of it at the time. After he lands above my viewing platform, I back away. He was switching his elytra to a chestplate and preparing for PvP. The call was completely silent for those few seconds until he starts to hit me. I ask him to stop of course, because I thought it was meant to be a joke. I didn't think of him as scum so I didn't expect him to kill the person that was trying to help him. Then I made a run for it. I reach about the middle of the staircase, taking crit hits all the way down, when my totem pops. At this point, I knew there wasn't much I could do, so I got desperate. I ate an enchanted golden apple to attempt to stay alive. Then I open my inventory to take my chestplate off and put an elytra on, but I was too slow. At 16:42:34, Warrior kills an innocent, perhaps benevolent, player.
    Chat log of the death message.
    Message in main chat of my death

    The Aftermath

    I lost 2 enchanted golden apples, a god armor set, god tools, 3 random shulker boxes, 1 redstone shulker box, and a fully enchanted trident, gifted to me by SeverusSn1pe, all after I had just lost another god armor set plus change a few days earlier. Severus guessed that I lost about 40db worth of items, but that's not where this story ends. I asked for my stuff back of course because I had been trying to help him. I understood his desire to kill me and I honestly didn't mind that he did, as long as I got my stuff back. But with Warrior, it cant be as simple as that. He wanted to keep everything but after some conversation, he said he would think about giving my trident and redstone shulker box back. A player by the name of densorteninja offered to PvP Warrior for my stuff back but Warrior backed down from this offer, perhaps because he was too afraid. The next day we go into a call with Noodledeedoo and perhaps another. We are discussing my buying back of 2 items, and the trident was the first on the table. Severus had bought the trident for 40 diamonds (4db 4dia) while Lonely_Flame had said that a trident was worth 3-4db as you can see in the image below.
    I was willing to pay 7db for it back because it was a gift. While we were bickering on how much it was worth, Noodle bought the trident for a whole TEN diamond blocks. Thats outrageous that Warrior would even take a price as such, essentially duping one of the most beloved members of the server. But wait, there's more. The next item was the redstone shulker box. I cared about it because it was a pain to craft the dispensers needed and I didn't have a source of slime. I paid another 5db for some of the contents of the box back. I had already paid the Warrior 5db for the stack of slime blocks that were in there previously, making the amount paid much more than its worth. This isn't a scam but its a scummy thing to do.


    Warrior is a hypocrite, liar, coward, and scum, just to name a few of the adjectives that would properly describe him as a minecraft player. Do not trust him, do not trade with him, do not play into his games. He is not changed, and he must be cancelled at once. This is what he asked for, and the playerbase of CraftyMynes will give it to him.

    If you have any comments, fell free to reply. Aside from my interjected opinions, all material in this story is factual.

  7. Sat Aug 8 23:34:20 2020
    Turf357 posted in New Word Association.


  8. Sat Aug 8 23:28:29 2020
    Turf357 posted in Instant Ban.

    To add onto this... If someone were to join from a different IP (say a friends house) and not be using a VPN, would that player still get banned?

  9. Fri Aug 7 22:05:38 2020
    Turf357 posted in New Word Association.


  10. Sun Jun 28 06:36:12 2020
    Turf357 posted in Morality poll.

    No. If they were helping me, why not keep them around to help more?

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